A simple global shop which is used through commands.

To use GlobalShop you must install one of the following Economy plugins:

  • iConomy 4,5 or 6
  • BosEconomy 6 or 7
  • Essentials Economy 2.2.17+
  • MultiCurrency

The first found Economy plugin is used. Economy functions are used through Nijikokun's Register API which is implemented in GlobalShop.

Globalshop v0.8 now supports (and requires) Vault


  • Shop that can be accessed from everywhere.
  • Add customizable item names.
  • Damage/Color can be defined in config. So you can sell for example black_wool.
  • Considers the durability of an item to calculate the selling price.
  • Set the sellratio. This defines how much money you get for selling an item. Default is 80%.
  • All commands can be renamed to your wish by re-configuring the aliases in plugin.yml HowTo.


There are ParentPermissions for SuperPerms:* and globalshop.admin.*

  • '' -> Allow /buy and /price
  • '' -> Allow /sell and /checksell
  • 'globalshop.admin.reload' -> Allow /shop reload


  • /price (name|id) -> Show the price you must pay to buy name|id
  • /buy (name|id) [amount] -> Buy name|id (with optional amount)
  • /checksell -> Shows the money you would get for the item you are holding
  • /sell -> Sells the item you are holding
  • /sell <quantity> -> (v0.8) Sell a given quantity of the item held (only applies to stack in hand)
  • /sell all -> (v0.8) Sell all items of the same type throughout inventory
  • /shop reload -> Reloads the config of GlobalShop


At moment you must setup all prices in the config file. This is explained here: Configuration

Planned Features

  • Setting up prices with commands
  • Writeout of a HTML-File where all prices can be viewed



0.9 (Zarius)

  • Fix: non-stackable items no longer stack when buying multiple
  • Added: now checks for available inventory space (so you don't waste money if your purchase doesn't fit).

0.8 (Zarius)

  • Support for Vault
  • Added /sell <quantity> (from current held stack only)
  • Added /sell all (sells all of the same item from your inventory)

0.7b2 (modifications by Zarius)

  • fix for new Bukkit Version
  • code cleanup
  • start of coding for buy/sell with exp (doesn't work yet)

GlobalShop uses Metrics for anonymous usage stats (learn more). From v0.91 only.


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