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Ever wanted complete control over Minecraft's Scoreboard Mechanics? Or wanted to create, delete and clone worlds without the need of MultiVerse or a plugin like it?

Then GattSk is for you! GattSk hooks into Bukkit's API to grant scripters access to Scoreboards and World Management with ease

List of Features

  • Create separate scoreboards, each with their own Objectives
  • Allow certain players to view certain scoreboards, allowing for infinite possibilities!
  • Delete, Create, Load and Unload worlds!
  • Create new worlds from pre-made folders, to clone worlds!

This is great and all, but what about Syntax's'

I'm no expert in making Syntax's' (in fact most of these are pretty horrid), but I've tried my best to make the best and easy to use syntaxs. You can view the entire list HERE


Fine... HERE, happy?

Need some help with Scoreboards? Look at my testing code!

  • Version 1
  • Initial Release

Still Don't Understand?

GattSk Requires Skript, Get it Here.


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