GameMode Inventories

GameMode Inventories


I'm too lazy to upload GMI files to Bukkit anymore, as builds are automatically created when the plugin is updated and changes pushed to GitHub.

For 1.18.x, please download GMI from the TARDIS Jenkins server:


GameMode Inventories allows you to have separate inventories for Creative and Survival game modes (it also works for Adventure!).

  • Inventories are saved and switched automatically
  • Configurable option to save and restore inventories on player death
  • Configurable option to also switch XP amount automatically (enabled by default)
  • Configurable option to also switch armor automatically (enabled by default)
  • Configurable option to also switch Ender Chest inventories automatically (enabled by default)
  • Configurable option to restrict inventory opening for Chests, Ender Chests, Enchantment Tables, Anvils, Furnaces and Dispensers in CREATIVE game mode
  • Configurable option to disable players dropping items from their inventories in CREATIVE game mode
  • Configurable option to disable players from picking up items in CREATIVE game mode
  • Configurable option to remove potion effects when switching from CREATIVE to SURVIVAL
  • Configurable option turn off the plugin's messages which can get excessive when no_pickups and no_drops are enabled
  • Configurable option to track the placement of CREATIVE gamemode placed blocks, then either: disable them from being broken, or, allow them to be broken but not drop anything - and also prevent pistons from moving them and deny the block dropping if the attached block is broken - this MUST be enabled for a world to work. You can specify a list of blocks you don't want to track as well
  • Configurable option to prevents drops from falling blocks e.g. anvils, gravel, sand
  • Configurable option to prevent the breaking of bedrock in CREATIVE, set to false to prevent breaks below Y<5 in all worlds, and Y>122 in the Nether
  • Configurable blacklist of blocks that cannot be placed in CREATIVE (use Spigot Material names)
  • Configurable blacklist of commands that cannot be used in CREATIVE
  • Configurable option to preserve custom attributes when switching inventories (player and armour only)
  • Configurable options to set which GMI features can be bypassed
  • Configurable option to restrict spectator gamemode access
  • Configurable option to switch to a creative world when changing to gamemode CREATIVE
  • Localisable messages - edit messages.yml
  • Support for using a MySQL database

Created in response to this plugin request:


Featured in Curse's Minecraft Spotlights

How it works

Add the GameModeInventories.jar file to your server's plugins directory and start up the server. A config file will be created automatically with the default values.

Then all you have to do is switch game modes and your current inventory, armor and XP will be saved and your new game mode inventory will take its place.

What it doesn't do

GameMode Inventories is not a replacement for the Creative Control plugin:

  • its primary purpose is an inventory management tool
  • this is NOT likely to change anytime soon
  • please stop asking

GameMode Inventories is an open sourced project, if you want to make the changes yourself, you are free to do so, as long as the plugin is released under the same license and conditions as GameMode Inventories.


Please do not bother posting timings for this plugin, here's why:

  1. See above
  2. I don't use any of the plugins' 'restriction' features
  3. You should expect to see GMI working hard if you have track_creative_place enabled, this is normal, after all, GMI is watching all your players all the time, and is keeping them all in line while not bothering you. Any server owner will eventually have a problem if he pushes his hardware too much, for example by running lots of heavyweight plugins.
  4. If you do have a problem, the solutions are to either add more RAM/cpu power, re-prioritize your plugins to drop a few you don't desperately need, reduce your max players or seriously think about why you are letting your players have Creative gamemode at all (if you can't trust them not to abuse it, then don't let them have it, or set up a creative only world).
  5. Finally, don't expect SQLite to be able to handle big loads - if you are running this plugin on a server with track_creative_place enabled, you should probably be using MySQL as the GMI database provider


There are several config options:

save_on_death: [true|false]
xp: [true|false]
armor: [true|false]
enderchest: [true|false]
remove_potions: [true|false]
restrict_creative: [true|false]
no_drops: [true|false]
no_falling_drops: [true|false]
no_pickups: [true|false]
dont_spam_chat: [true|false]
    enabled: [true|false]
    break_no_drop: [true|false]
    no_piston_move: [true|false]
    attached_block: [true|false]
    - world
    - STONE
    - DIRT
creative_blacklist: [true|false]
break_bedrock: [true|false]
command_blacklist: [true|false]
- give
- i
- buy
- sell
custom_attributes: [true|false]
    inventories: [true|false]
    items: [true|false]
    blacklist: [true|false]
    survival: [true|false]
    commands: [true|false]
restrict_spectator: [true|false]

You can enable/disable the options with a command (all options are available via tab completion):

/gmi save_on_death
/gmi xp
/gmi armor
/gmi enderchest
/gmi remove_potions
/gmi restrict_creative
/gmi restrict_spectator
/gmi no_drops
/gmi no_pickups
/gmi dont_spam_chat
/gmi track_creative_place
/gmi break_no_drop
/gmi attached_block
/gmi break_bedrock
/gmi creative_blacklist
/gmi command_blacklist
/gmi no_falling_drops
/gmi custom_attributes
/gmi bypass.inventories
/gmi bypass.items
/gmi bypass.blacklist
/gmi bypass.survival
/gmi bypass.commands


There are four:


Default: true - Allow players to have separate inventories for each game mode


Default: op - Allow players to save their inventories on death, and restore them on respawn


Default: op - Allow players to bypass inventory opening restrictions in CREATIVE (when restrict_creative: true). Also allow players to bypass the no items drops / no item pickups restriction (when no_drops: true or no_pickups: true). As of version 2.5.4, you can configure which features can be bypassed:

  • inventories - if true players can bypass not being able to open inventories in creative
  • items - if true players can bypass not being able to pick up and drop items in creative
  • blacklist - if true players can bypass not being able to place and use restricted block and items in creative
  • survival - if true players can bypass being forced into survival gamemode when changing worlds
  • commands - if true players can bypass not being able to place and use restricted commands
  • If any of the bypass options are set to false, then nobody will be able to bypass them (regardless of whether they have the permission or not)

Default: op - Allow players to change config options

Source code

GitHub Repository

Dev builds

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.

These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


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