This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


FrameShop is a plugin which allows you to make item frames to shops.


  • Vault
  • An economy plugin which is supported by Vault


  • Create shops with item frames(right-click to buy and sell items)


/frameshop The main command. Shows information about the plugin and the commands. Aliases: /fs, /fshop
/frameshop create <price> <mode> Creates a shop(The item which you are holding in your hand, is the item which the shop is selling.)
/frameshop remove Removes the shop where the cursor is.
/frameshop price Shows the price of the shop where the cursor is.

VirtualInventory Commands(coming soon!)

/vinv VirtualInventory main command.
/vinv help Shows the VirtualInventory help page.
/vinv create <name> Creates a VirtualInventory.
/vinv remove <name> Removes a VirtualInventory.
/vinv putitem [name] Puts the item that you are holding in your hand in your VirtualInventory.
/vinv getitems [name] You will get all your items back.


All Permissions frameshop.*
/frameshop frameshop.command
/frameshop create <price> <mode> frameshop.create(frameshop.command required)
/frameshop remove frameshop.remove(frameshop.command required)
/frameshop price frameshop.price(frameshop.command required)
Buy from a shop.
Sell to a shop. frameshop.sell

VirtualInventory Permissions(coming soon!)

All permissions. vinv.*
All vinv.command-Permissions. vinv.command.*
Permission for the VirtualInventory main command. vinv.command
Permission for the help-command. required)
Permission for the create-command. vinv.command.create(vinv.command required)
Permission for the remove-command. vinv.command.remove(vinv.command required)
Permission for the putitem-command. vinv.command.putitem(vinv.command required)
Permission to put an item in an other's VirtualInventory. vinv.command.putitem.other(vinv.command/vinv.command.putitem required)
Permission for the getitems-command. vinv.command.getitems(vinv.command required)
Permission to get the items from an other's VirtualInventory. vinv.command.getitems.other(vinv.command/vinv.command.getitems required)


    created-successfully: Shop successfully created.
    could-not-create: Couldn't create shop.
    removed: Removed shop.
    bought-from-shop_1: 'You bought 1 '
    bought-from-shop_2: ' from a FrameShop for '
    sold-to-shop_1: 'You sold 1 '
    sold-to-shop_2: ' to a FrameShop for '
    transaction-failed: Transaction could not finish successfully.
    not-a-shop: This is not a shop!
    show-message-not-a-shop: true
    price: 'Price: '
    no-permission: You have no permission to do that!

How to make a FrameShop

  • Place a frame there where your shop should be.
  • Then put the item, which you want to sell, in the frame.
  • After this, point with your cursor to the block behind the frame.
  • Execute the command '/frameshop create <price> <mode>'. Replace <price>, with a price selected by you. <mode> must be 'buy' or 'sell'.
  • Congratulations! You've created a FrameShop!

<s>Planned Features</s>

  • <s>Player-shops</s>
  • <s>XP as alternate currency(Idea by JackFrost21)</s>

Abandoned due to problems.


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