Require your users to log into your Minecraft server in order to activate their Forum account!

Version: 1.2p

This plugin is a continuation of the discontinued ForumAcc plugin by THEK, found here. Versions are since my takeover of the project. I may redo the code from the ground up in the near future.

  • Credit for the original code goes to THEK. :D
  • A lot of the howto's are credited to THEK's original post, didn't see a need to write it all again.


  • Reduce spam by requiring users to activate forum accounts through a Minecraft command.
  • Autoactivate users as soon as they log in, no command required! (Disabled by default)

How to install


  1. Go to your forums, log in as an Administrator and go to the Administration Control Panel
  2. Under "General" > "Board Configuration" click "User Registration Settings"
  3. Set it to "By Admin"


  1. Go to your forums and log in as an Administrator and go to the Admin-CP
  2. Click on "Configuration" -> "User Registration and Profile Options"
  3. Change "Registration Method" to "Administrator Activation"
  1. Download plugin and put into /plugins
  2. Start server. The plugin will create /ForumAcc/config.yml in /plugins and disable itself
  3. Edit the file appropriately. HELP BELOW
  4. Reload Server. DONE


  #Hostname for your SQL server.
  URL: localhost
  Port: '3306'
  Username: username
  Password: password
  Database: DB-Name
  Table_Prefix: phpbb_
  Type: phpbb
  # Leave this blank unless your allow users to register with names other than their Minecraft IGN
  Custom_Username_FieldID: ''
  ActivateOnLogin: 'false'

Using Custom Profile Fields

This allows users on your forum to register with a username other than their Minecraft username. Help for using custom profile fields can be found here.

How to use

Log in as the username registered on the forum and type /account activate You will receive a confirmation message

Setting Auto kick or Auto activate from in server

  • /fa autokick (on|off) Sets Autokick accordingly
  • /fa autoactivate (on|off) Sets Auto activation accordingly
  • /fa ak or /fa aa (on|off) can be used as a shortcut.


  • forumacc.*: Has all permissions for this plugin (only 2 as of now).
  • forumacc.SetAutokick: This user can toggle whether auto kick is active.
  • forumacc.SetAutoactivate: This user can toggle whether auto activation is enabled.


  • 1.2 Auto kick added, if a user doesn't have an account on your forum they will be kicked
  • * New commands added to allow toggling of the Auto Kick and Auto activate features.
  • * Permissions added to restrict who can use the commands
  • 1.0p MyBB and PhpBB tested and working without issue. Small code tweaks to try and cut down on concurrent connections.
  • 0.1p Initial Release under Preyed.

Known Issues

  • Due to the way the SQL code handles queries, it is possible to overload the maximum number of connection for your SQL server, if it has a low number of MAX_CONNECTONS (10 is too low, but 15 will allow a single user to activate without issue.) Thanks to Mircoskies for pointing this out

Future Features

  • Auto Kick users if they haven't already registered on your forum (Meaning if they are pending activation, they won't be kicked)
  • Support for additional forum software. (IP Boards is likely to be the next release.)

More feature to come, I need to figure out if a total overhaul is in order before I plan additional features.

Source Code

Source for this project can be found in the appropriate version's jar file, as well as the BukkitDev SVN repository. Take your choice as to which you'd like :D


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