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Warning: This plugin is currently unstable, We are attempting to fix it

Want to stop x-ray texture packs? Force Everybody to use same texture? Use special textures and have everybody see? This Plugin is for you!

Formerly Force Texture Pack

ATTENTION: I have just taken over this project, and will be attempting to fix this plugin over the summer! Sincerely, Blue_Mustache


Want to stop users saying no to downloading your texture pack?

Fear no more, This plugin provides a Texture Pack Download Server. If the Client Refuses to download from the server and tries to do something, They will be instantly kicked!

Want to stop x-ray texture packs?

The perfect solution is forcing them to use your texture pack!

Will this work on the spot?

Nope! You need to install the texture pack to the in your server folder (Where your Bukkit.jar is!) You will also need to port forward 5000 so that your texture pack can be accessed by other players (Unless It's a LAN server!)

Is there a config file?

Not at this point in time, We are looking for configurable options. If you have a suggestion drop me one!

My minecraft host doesn't allow me to port forward 5000

We are looking into a alternative (Won't be as efficient)

Do i need to set a texturepack= in my

Nope! Our plugin automatically does the hard work!

Will this stop bots?

Not at the current point in time, It only stops movement.

Will this stop hacked clients?

This plugin will only prevent other texture packs on login.

Will this work on high capacity servers?

This will work on any server (Providing your server can hold up to it!), We have a special system to queue requests if it becomes overloaded!

Do i need Spout etc?

Nope! This plugin works perfectly in vanilla

How does it work?

[REDACTED] Nothing here, keep on movin.

Planned Features

  • No Socket Server Capabilities
  • Multiworld textures

Current Bugs

  • Everything *


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