Imagine floating gracefully through the air, gliding between epic islands suspended in the sky, as if they had been torn from the earth. Flying up to, gliding between, and drifting down from these mystical isles is a breeze with this plugin, currently under development.


  • Two jar files for the different sections of the plugin
  • Generation of floating islands world with some customization
  • - Supports Bukkit.yml or can auto-generate with ease!
  • When you fall out of the sky world, you get teleported back to the top of the normal world
  • Travel features for convenience:
  • - Cannon to travel to the sky world from the normal world
  • - Glider to fly between islands
  • - Parachute to land softly on the ground from the islands
  • Worlds in which these travel features are usable is configurable
  • Constantly sunny in sky world
  • Configuration for various settings

Features to come in the future:

  • Improved algorithms for better-looking islands with better terrain features
  • Caves, lakes, and other awesome terrain features
  • Mineral deposits for resources
  • Might make it a biome for the wip plugin BetterGen

Near future updates:

  • Completely change generation method to be much more epic
  • Add mineral deposits
  • Work on getting lakes and caves in

Traveling to, from, and within the sky lands

The cannon:

To make it, place a tnt on the ground, then stairs on either side facing towards it, and then a block of iron on top of that. Stand on top and ignite the tnt by any means and it will launch you to the sky world. When you get there, you will be in the nearest safe place in the sky lands, so long as nobody's made a hole in an island there. It can also launch just about anything else to there. Once there, you can get back by jumping off, but then you may splat on the ground, unless you're lucky or have a parachute.

Alternatives to the cannon:

There are two alternate methods for getting to the sky world: Command and creative flight. The command is /skytravel, but there are alot of alternatives, such as /up, /sky, and just about anything you could think of! You can also fly in creative mode to above the build height and you will be transported there.

Parachutes and gliders:

Parachutes and gliders are used in similar ways. They both have a primary item which you hold, and surround it with 2 of a secondary item, and then right-click with the primary item to use it. They also both can only be used in the sky world.

Parachute: This is for getting down safely from the islands. The primary item is 8 leather, and the secondary is 4 string(2 on either side). When you use it, it immediately slows you down and you float gracefully to the ground, taking no fall damage.

Arrange the items in your inventory as follows: [2xS] [8xL] [2xS]

Glider: This is for flying between the islands. The primary ingredient is 2 sticks, and the secondary is 6 feathers(3 on either side). To use it, jump and right-click. You will move up slightly, and then glide forwards at a speed slightly faster than running. It lasts for 6 seconds before you fall, for a maximum distance of about 30-40 blocks. Movement for gliding is a bit different than walking, as you constantly move forward and can't use A/D to move sideways.

Arrange the items in your inventory as follows: [3xS] [2xL] [3xS]

Generation Setup

Default generation:

If you just want to use regular generation like before this update, simply place the FloatingIslesGen.jar in the plugins folder and once the new config is generated you can edit the settings. If you want to change the name of the generated world, change gen-world to whatever you like. If you are using the mechanics you will also have to change the config of that for it to work properly.

Bukkit.yml generation:

Currently there is a bug where it isn't possible to prevent the world from generating, but you can use Bukkit.yml and change the mechanics if you like. In the next update, setting gen-world to "false" or "none" will prevent it from generating.

Mechanics setup

When setting up the mechanics config, make sure to have the world-names.sky and world-names.below values matching your worlds in order for it to work properly. The travel type allowances can have values of true, false, anyworld, a world name, or a list of worlds, such as [world1, world2].

The three cannon travel types were created to make it more customizable. Teleport allows travelling to the sky world with from said world(s), unless it's the sky world in which case it won't. If launch isn't allowed then the tnt will just explode as normal and no cannon-ness can occur. Cannon-entity determines whether or not non-human entities can be launched, and they will be teleported if it's allowed.


Here is the default config file for the FloatingIslesMechanics.jar

  #What to call the generated world
  sky: SkyLands
  #what world you can get to/from there
  below: world


  #What worlds/whether to allow the use of these in worlds
  #Can be true, false, anyworld, or a world name
  #true means only for the intended world, false means no use at all, and anyworld means any world use
    cannon-teleport: true
    cannon-launch: anyworld
    cannon-entity: anyworld
    parachute: true
    glider: true
    fall-travel: true
    #changes the top block of the cannon construction
    cannon: iron block
    #sets the primary/secondary items for these features, the /# is amount
    parachute: [leather/8, string/2]
    glider: [stick/2, feather/3]

  #whether to have the sky lands be constantly sunny
  constant-sunny: true

Here is the default config file for the FloatingIslesGen.jar

gen-world: SkyLands
#world generation settings
  scale: 64.0
  threshold: 0.5
  seed: default
  more-trees: false


The permissions let you control what can and can't be done, here's a list of them and their descriptions:

    description: Base command for FloatingIsles.
    description: Base for all travel permissions.
    description: Allow use of cannon.
    default: true
    description: Allow travel to the skylands via creative flight.
    default: true
    description: Allow travel to the skylands via command.
    default: op
    description: Allow use of parachutes.
    default: true
    description: Allow use of gliders.
    default: true

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