FloatingIsles Alpha 1.4.2


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    Nov 12, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2


Alpha 1.4.2

Fixed the setting of gen-world, make it "false" or "none" to prevent the world from generating
Added a seed value to config of FloatingIslesGen, which can be "default" or a number
Added a more-trees value to config of FloatingIslesGen which makes many more trees spawn
Added travel-types.allowances.fall-travel to config of FloatingIslesMechanics which determines the possibility of being teleported when falling off the edge

Alpha 1.4

**Separated into 2 plugins in the zip file**
Changed the generation so you can use Bukkit.yml to generate the world and set gen-world in the config to an empty string (not working)
Added support in travel allowances for individual world or list of worlds
Changed the single cannon travel allowance to three: "cannon-launch", "cannon-teleport", and "cannon-entity"

Alpha 1.3

Added a config/permissions system
Made it constantly sunny in the sky world (no rain/constantly day)
Added 2 more ways to get there: command, and creative flight
Changed generation a bit
*Turns out the gen only took so long for me because my computers too shitty to handle 4 worlds efficiently

Alpha 1.2

Made the world auto-generate, no need to do anything but put in the jar
For some reason, the auto-generation takes me about 10 minutes, no idea why but this is only for first time
Added cannon to get to the sky world
Added parachute to get down safely, only works in the sky world
Added glider to get between islands
Changed generation shape a bit, will make it look better next update

Alpha 1.1

Added control to Scale and Threshold for the generator in the Gen Id.
Changed generation of island bottoms slightly to make it look alright with larger scales.

Alpha 1.0

First release