Version 0.3.0 seems to work with 1.7.2 based servers. I will still release a 1.7.2 version when the recommended build is released.


EntityPolice is meant to be used as a tool for server admins to control entities and be able to do so very precisely. A server admin could count or remove a specific entity in all worlds, all entities in a single world, etc.

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  • Control specific entities in specific worlds.
  • Count entities
  • Remove entities
  • Count and remove entities within a radius of a player.


  • entitypolice.* - Gives access to all commands.
  • entitypolice.help - Gives access to /entitypolice help
  • entitypolice.remove - Gives access to /entitypolice remove
  • entitypolice.count - Gives access to /entitypolice count
  • entitypolice.removenear - Gives access to /entitypolice removenear
  • entitypolice.countnear - Gives access to /entitypolice countnear


  • /entitypolice help - Shows the help page
  • /entitypolice remove <mob> <(optional) world> - Removes <mob> in <world>
  • /entitypolice count <mob> <(optional) world> - Counts <mob> in <world>
    • Note: If world is left blank, it will do it in your current world
  • /entitypolice countnear <player> <mob> <radius> - Counts <mob> near <player> within <radius>
  • /entitypolice removenear <player> <mob> <radius> - Removes <mob> near <player> within <radius>

Planned Features

  • Item counting/removing (Currently living entities only)

Known Bugs

None. If you find one, please post it in the comment section (with the error report on pastebin or a similar service), or PM it to me. Thanks.


Version 0.3.0

Updated to Bukkit 1.6.4 from Bukkit 1.5-R0.1

  • Added horses to count, remove, countnear, and removenear
  • Commands are now allowed in game only, as was originally intended, to fix a bug when you sent a /ep command through the server console.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of countnear and removenear on witherskeletons if a mob of a different type was within the radius.
  • Fixed a bug that removenear did not actually some entities even though it said it did.
  • Upped the project to Release from Beta. :)

Version 0.2.2

Updated to Bukkit 1.5-R0.1 from Bukkit 1.2.5

Added entities to count, remove, countnear, and removenear:

  • Wither
  • Wither Skeleton
  • Zombie
  • Zombie Villager
  • Witch

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug with countnear where if all of the arguments were not provided, the command caused an Internal Server Error.
  • Fixed a bug with countnear where if all of the arguments were not provided, the command caused an Internal Server Error.

Version 0.2.1 b54

Permissions for the new commands have been added:

  • entitypolice.removenear
  • entitypolice.countnear

The help command now shows these commands.

Version 0.2 b51

NOTE: I deleted this file because I rushed it out and forgot to add permissions and update the help command. Jenkins build #51 (Jenkins private at the moment till I work out a better downloading solution)


  • Various text errors, misspellings, grammar, colors, etc.

New Features:

  • Count entities near a player
  • Remove entities near a player

New Commands:

  • /entitypolice countnear <player> <mob> <radius>
  • /entitypolice removenear <player> <mob> <radius>

Version 0.1

  • Initial release


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