Languages and Translations

This plugin uses the LanguageAPI to support translations. You don't have to install that plugin to use the default language of English, but if you want to use other translations, setting your locale, you need to install the LanguageAPI plugin. The advantage is that, if multiple plugins support the LanguageAPI, you only need one language command. Also supports players setting their own locale independent of the server's default.


Set your locale with the following commands, taking a ISO 3-character language code:

  • /locale <ISO>: Sets your personal display language preference
  • /serverlocale <ISO>: Sets the default server display language preference

Adding Languages

Put the "lang-<ISO>.yml" file into the plugins/EnchLimiter/languages/ folder.

Translating Enchantment Limiter

Here is "lang-eng.yml", the translation for the English language. The default file is also written to plugins/EnchLimiter/languages/lang-eng.yml if it didn't exist already.

enabled: EnchantLimiter in force; by Filbert66
limited2: §9EnchLimiter§r removed multiple {0}-{1} & returned {2} XP
cancelled: §9EnchLimiter§r: You don't have permission to do that
cancelledHold: §9EnchLimiter§r: You don't have permission to hold that
attempted: {0} just tried to do a book+book enchant
attempted2: {0} just tried to do a disallowed anvil enchant
attempted3: {0} almost took result of a disallowed anvil enchant
bookEnch: Permitting {0} to enchant book+book
loggedoff: {0} logged off before we could cancel anvil enchant
loggedoff2: {0} logged off before we could fix armor
loggedoff3: {0} logged off before we could reverse table enchant
disallowed2: §9EnchLimiter§r removed disallowed {0}-{1} &returned {2} XP
disallowed3: §9EnchLimiter§r removed disallowed {0}-{1} from {2}
multiplePickup: §9EnchLimiter§r: can't pickup item with multiple enchants
limited3: §9EnchLimiter§r removed multiple {0}-{1} from {2}
disallowedPickup1: §9EnchLimiter§r: can't pickup {0} with disallowed enchant(s)
theft: {0} closed inventory or anvil died and got an illegal item: {1}
nofix: §9EnchLimiter§r: nothing to fix
removeWarn: §9EnchLimiter§r: {0} will be removed
reduceWarn: §9EnchLimiter§r: {0} will be reduced to {1}
anvilWarn: §9EnchLimiter§r: Some enchants will be limited/removed; see above

You can translate it into another language and save it as "lang-???.yml" where ??? is the 3-letter ISO language code for that language as can be found here: ISO 639-2 Lanugage Code List. In the case of languages with multiple 3-letter codes, you should save a copy as each code.

Please submit your translations here as a comment for others to use; I will note you as a Translator (which will appear in your Bukkit status) and I will also distribute your translation with future versions (if not already taken by someone else). To submit translations, use the format below:

File name(s): lang-???.yml, lang-???.yml and so on for every multiple
<<code yaml>>
[contents of your lang-???.yml file]


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