Admin "el" command

  • All commands begin with base el command and are parameters to it
    • that is, add a space then a following command
    • if already in use by another plugin, longer enchlimiter is used
  • set command of base el command permits changing boolean configuration values
    • requires further to detail desired boolean:
    • multiples on|true allows multiple enchanted items. Use off or false to restrict multiples.
    • pickup on|true allows pickup of disallowed items, which will then be "fixed" so they can be used
      • set to off|false to disallow pickup of illegal enchanted items.
    • punish on|true allows punishing the player (not restoring XP) who attempted an illegal anvil action
    • repairs on enables repair protections; set off|false to permit players to repair (but not create) disallowed items
    • spawns on|true allows spawned items to have disallowed enchants
      • set to off|false to downgrade or remove disallowed enchants on spawned items
    • downgrade on will permit illegal results from anvil by downgrading the result.
      • if cannot downgrade (ex. disallowed level is 1) the enchantment will be removed.
      • effectively sets Downgrade in anvil config item. [1.5.4]
    • infinite sets Infinite anvils true|false [New in 1.3.2]
    • hold sets Fix held items true|false [New in 1.4]
    • message option allows setting one of three 'Message' config items
      • message cancel true enables Message on cancel
      • message limit true enables Message on limit
      • message disallowed true enables Message on disallowed
      • message hold true enables Message on cancel hold [1.5.4]
    • new global options with three possibilities: [1.5.4]
      • set global table true|false will set Apply_on_global_check.table
      • set global anvil true|false will set Apply_on_global_check.anvil
      • set global restrictive true|false will set Apply_on_global_check.restrictive
  • save command permits saving your changed configuration to config.yml
  • reload reloads config.yml in case you've been editing it, or want to restore it after mucking with set command.

elfix Command

New in version 1.4. It fixes (removes disallowed enchants) items in hand or player inventory. Useful if player has acquired illegal items which they cannot use in anvil.

  • with no options, fixes item in hand
  • with books option, fixes all books in inventory (in case you picked up illegal books)
  • with all option, fixes all items in player's inventory
  • by default, any player can use


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