How to create your first Dungeon Maze world

On this page you could find out how to make your first Dungeon Maze world.

At first make sure you've the newest version of Dungeon Maze installed. After you installed Dungeon Maze you can startup your server again. When it's started up you've to login to your server. When you're in your server you could use the following command to generate your Dungeon Maze world:

/dm createworld <worldname>

Note: Replace <worldname> with the name you want to use for your new world.

After you used this command Dungeon Maze will automaticly generate the world. This may take a while, it depends on your server preformance. After the world generation has been finished you'll automaticly be teleported into the new world. Now you're done!

As easy as pie, right!


If you want, you are able to configure the config file. With the config file you could change your world to a protected world. This means that players aren't able to break blocks. You are also able to block players from going up to the surface. Just go into the config.yml file inside the Dungeon Maze folder, which could be found into your servers plugin folder. After you configurfed the file make sure you've to run the /reload command in game or you need to restart your server.


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