How to use Dungeon Maze with Multiverse

On this page you could find out how to use Dungeon Maze with Multiverse.


  1. Firstly you need to make sure you've the newest version of Multiverse running on your server. You could download the newest version right here:
  2. The second thing you've to do is make sure you've the newest version of Dungeon Maze running in your server.
  3. Now check if Dungeon Maze is recognized by Multiverse, to do that you've to execute the command '/mv gens', 'Dungeon Maze' should be in the list.
  4. When Dungeon Maze is in the list you could use the multiverse command to create the world. Usage: /mv create <world-name> normal -g DungeonMaze. Ofcourse you've to replace <world-name> with the world name you want to create. Now you should have the new world running using Multiverse and Dungeon Maze together.

If you still have problems please post your problem at the main page of Dungeon Maze in a comment. You could also create a 'New Ticket' which might gives you better support.


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