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DkabotShop is intended to be an open-source, updated, and egotistically-named alternative to and recreation of VirtualShop, along with plenty of my own skewering.

Speaking of open-source, go check it out on GitHub!

This plugin enables servers with a command-based free market virtual shop system where anyone can sell anything (unless blacklisted) for any price (within what the administrator allows).

Iems with durability/datavalues are now supported. "Reverted" potions cannot be sold by name. Tools can be sold, but only if unenchanted and each possible instance of the damaged tool is a different item in the database. :(

It uses bukkit persistence to handle DB queries, which uses SQLite by default. If you want to future-proof it for anything in the future or just increase performance on a large server you will want to configure bukkit.yml for MySQL.

While there isn't a spout gui or web UI, it's been designed in such a fashion that (if MySQL is used as opposed to SQLite) a web UI can be made later. A Spout GUI could likely also be made, but I have no plans on doing so.

Commands & Permissions * Configuration * Migrating from 1.5 to 1.6+? * Want to Edit items.csv?

It's unpopular still, but have some stats!

Plugin Statistics


  • Keep the plugin functional (always in progress)

Unlikely but Considerable Future Plans

  • A different UI. Something with inventory screens.
  • Some sort of basic ChestShop implementation to shut up people who say the command system is too hard (chest stocks would be synced to the main DB, and one can buy from the chest with /buy)


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