DigForDollars is a highly configurable plugin that allows your players to get paid for mining ores (or any other blocks of your choosing).


  • custom ore definitions
  • custom payouts
  • configurable messages
  • won't payout for silk touched blocks.
  • only pays out if the correct tool is used to break the block (unless you configure it not to check for that)
  • NEW: ignore-data setting allows paying out for gold/iron ore ONLY ONCE.
  • no message spam. Messages are not displayed after each block broken, they're delayed and grouped together to avoid spamming players.


# whether or not to check for permissions, if this is true, players are
# required to have either digfordollars.payfor.* or the ore-specific
# permission digfordollars.payfor.ORE_NAME  in order to recieve  
# money from breaking an ore.

require-permissions: true

# delay in server ticks before displaying a message and depositing
# funds.  this counts from the last ore block broken of a given type.
payout-delay: 20

# {0} = total funds earned.
# {1} = quantity of the ore type.
# {2} = the ore display name
  paid: "&6You have recieved {0} &6for mining {1} {2}&6."

# this name is used for ore-specific permissions of the format:
# digfordollars.payfor.diamond
# if 'display' is a list, the 2nd entry is used for plural 
# representations otherwise the provided value is used 
# for both singular and plural.
    display: ["&bDiamond ore block", "&bDiamond ore blocks"]

# material one or more Material names or id's
    material: DIAMOND_ORE

# the monetary value of each block broken.
    value: 100

# if true (the default), money will only be paid if the block is
# mined with the correct tool.  otherwise money is paid when 
# the block is broken regardless if anything drops from it.
# This can be used to allow payout for custom ore-types like
# glass and mob spawners, which do not drop items at all.
    check-drops: true

# NEW: do not pay out if the block's data value is this:
# set to -1 (default) to pay out for any data value.
    ignore-data: -1

    display: ["&aEmerald ore block", "&aEmerald ore blocks"]
    material: EMERALD_ORE
    value: 125
    display: ["&9Lapis ore block", "&9Lapis ore blocks"]
    material: LAPIS_ORE
    value: 75
    display: ["&cRedstone ore block", "&cRedstone ore blocks"]
    value: 35
    display: ["&fQuartz ore block", "&fQuartz ore blocks"]
    material: QUARTZ_ORE
    value: 50
    display: ["&7Coal ore block", "&7Coal ore block"]
    material: COAL_ORE
    value: 10

Note that you can easily add new ores using any material type(s) you'd like, and even customize the way these ores are referred to in the in-game messages.

What about Gold/Iron?

These ores can be problematic since a player can mine and re-place the same block over and over again. DigForDollars v1.1 added a new configuration option for ores called `ignore-data`. When this option is set to a number between 0 and 15, any ore's of that type with the specified `ignore-data` value will not pay out. In addition, when any player places this type of ore, it will be given this data value, effectively making it pay out ONLY the first time it is mined, and there's no heavyweight tracking of every block placed.

This option should be used with caution and only on blocks which do not make use of their data value, such as Iron and Gold ores. This feature is not guaranteed to work with future versions of bukkit, data values are being phased out and it may not be possible in the future. It may also render strangely on web-based maps, interact strangely with other plugins, crash MCEdit, or burn down your house. (though it is not known to do any of these things at this time)

TL;DR: add this to your config.yml under `ores` and consider yourself warned.

    display: ["&eGold ore block", "&eGold ore blocks"]
    value: 75
    ignore-data: 1
    material: GOLD_ORE
    display: ["&fIron ore block", "&fIron ore blocks"]
    material: IRON_ORE
    value: 20
    ignore-data: 1


If configured to check for permissions, All players who wish to earn money from mining must have the permission `digfordollars.payfor.<oreName>` or the wildcard permission `digfordollars.payfor.*` These permissions are given only to ops by default, to allow your players to take advantage of DigForDollars you must give them one of these permissions.

Source Code

DigForDollars is Open source software and is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. You are free to modify and redistribute any part of this plugin, so long as your work is also available under a compatible license. Source code can be found on github.


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