dhmcDeath will display humorous messages about a player death, including their username, what the cause of death was (mob type, drowning, fall, etc) and during pvp, will display the name of the killing player and what weapon was used.

Based on HeroicDeath which did such a great job - but for larger servers like ours, we needed more flexibility.

Change existing death messages, add your own. Use placeholders for the player who died, the killer, and weapon (for pvp). You can separate messages by death type and for mob-related deaths you can separate them to be mob-specific. You can disable death messages for any specific death type.

Optionally you can limit the death messages to each world, and/or limit them to a configurable range.

dhmcDeath boasts some killer features:

  • Tons of great messages out-of-the-box.
  • Easy configuration of death messages. Similar syntax as HeroicDeath for easy conversion.
  • Use generic mob messages or add them for specific mob types
  • Custom chat colors allowed in messages.
  • Disable message for specific events, i.e. show mob death messages but ignore PVP
  • Limit messages by world
  • Optionally limit the message to players within a range of the death
  • Shows owners of tamed wolves
  • Supports all 1.1 Minecraft mobs

Installing / Configuring

To install, place the dhmcdeath.jar file into your plugins folder. By default, it will be configured in a way that will work immediately.

  • messages.allowcrossworld = Allow messages to be heard cross-world
  • messages.hear_distance = If not cross world, how far should players be to hear the death msg
  • messages.log_deaths = Log deaths to the console
  • allowdethpointtponpvp = If a pvp and the user has death point tp, should they be allowed to return to their pvp death spot


  • dhmcdeath.hear = They will hear/see all death messages
  • dhmcdeath.tp = They can use /death to return to their death point

Report issues through Github or visit me on IRC: irc.esper.net, #dhmc_us


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