I would like to give a special thanks to the players and staff of RealmKraft for helping with testing, bugfinding and their overall support, thank you kind sirs and gals!

This is a small plugin which adds extra effects to iron and diamond tools.
Effects like tree felling, 3x3 mining, excavating and farming.
It has basic permissions for every tool and its effect.
It also has its own recipe for every iron or diamond tool.
These will be added upon server load and you are able to disable the recipes in the config.

Feature List

  • Pickaxe: 3x3 mining
  • Axe: treefelling, 3x3 cutting
  • Shovel: 3x3 digging
  • Hoe: 3x3 farming
  • Enable/disable recipes
  • Configurable recipes
  • Configurable durability loss
  • Configurable block lists
  • Switchable tool modes
  • Silk Touch support for 3x3
  • Unbreaking support for 3x3
  • Toolbreak protection


  • /delt - Main command, shows available commands ingame
  • /delt give - Allows you to give a tool to a player
  • /delt enchant - Enchant the current tool in your hand with a effect
  • /delt debug - Activate debug messages for 3x3 and tree felling
  • /delt reload - Reloads the config if it exists, else it creates a new one (Might return on a later date.)


  • dt.pickaxe - Allows player to craft and use the Heavy Pickaxe
  • dt.axe - Allows players to craft and use the Heavy Axe
  • dt.shovel - Allows players to craft and use the Heavy Shovel
  • dt.hoe - Allows players to craft and use the Heavy Hoe
  • dt.commands - Allows players to use the commands like /delt give and /delt enchant
  • dt.* - Allows players to craft and use all of the tools and commands


These recipes are the default config recipes!
The iron versions are the same, put an iron tool in the middle and iron ingots at the same places.





Commands, permissions and config

Full explanation page HERE!

plugin compatibility

Below a list of plugins who have minor or large compatibility issues with DelzTools.

Regions require both blockbreak and blockplace allow in order for the "Hoe" to work properly.

Switching tool modes can activate mcMMO's superbreaker, treefelling abilities and override Delztools effects for a moment.

Fastbreak monitoring needs to be disabled or NoCheatPlus will kick players using DelzTools tools.
Fastplace prevents the Heavy hoe from placing farmblocks!


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