DeathCraft 2


DeathCraft is a plugin to make dying fun!

Not really. Dying always sucks - But DeathCraft will make it more fun for everyone else.


  • Unlimited, customized death messages for every type of death, or per item!
    • Differentiates between PVE and PVP deaths!
    • Option to use true account names, or display names (/nick, etc)
    • Player optional ignoring of either type of death (PVE or PVP) messages
  • Head drops! Fully configurable drops of player and mob heads!
  • Permission based configurable 'Death Chests' that will store items upon an untimely demise - or be the prize of the PVP victor!
  • /kill and /suicide, as well as the option to override these commands from other plugins to continue the DC Experience
  • Permission based configurable 'Keep Xp on death


  • 1) Download
  • 2) Put deathcraft.jar in your /plugins folder
  • 3) /reload your server, or restart.
  • 4) ???
  • 5) DEATH!

Known Conflicts

  • CreeperHeal You must disable chests in one of the two plugins, or you will end with a looping chest creation.

Commands, Configuration & Permissions

Please see the new Commands, Configuration & Permissions Page!

Bug Reporting and Suggestions

If you find a bug, or have a suggestion, PLEASE open a ticket! I can't fix what I don't know is broken, and I can't add what I don't know is wanted. :)


  • Togglable allowance of locked chests for popular protection plugins (LWC, Locket)
  • Allow Keep item on death permissions, completely bypassing Chests




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