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What is CustomSpawners?

CustomSpawners lets you make any block a mob spawner! These spawners can be of any type, have many configurable properties, and can be hidden because materials like stone, grass, even air can be a spawner block! After creation, you can use it like in-game MCEdit to make custom mob spawner blocks too!

The mob types can be customized as well. Create mobs for your spawners like giant slimes that have only half a heart of health, different colored sheep, and if you want the ultimate boss, try giants or charged creepers with damage resistance and regeneration potion effects! You can even change how mobs take and deal damage!

Some Ideas for CustomSpawners:

  • Make multiplayer dungeons with mobs that only appear when you get close!
  • Make arenas with powerful waves of mobs!
  • Create puzzles that won't turn off a spawner until solved!
  • Create entities that can only be damaged from certain items or objects!
  • Make ultra-dynamic dungeons that change depending on the amount of players in them!
  • Make Custom Mob Spawners in-game! (No MCEdit required!)

Getting Started

Tutorial Series Playlist on YouTube:

If you make a video about CustomSpawners, let me know and I could post it here!


Simply download the CustomSpawners jar file from the download button above, and drop it in you plugins directory. Make sure you only have one version of CustomSpawners in the directory. After that, you can refer to the configuration page on the wiki for configuration of the plugin.

Basic Usage

I strongly recommend watching the tutorial series! I go into much more depth there.

To make a spawner, follow these steps!

  1. Login to your server.
  2. Run the command "/cse create <type of entity>" where "<type of entity>" is a mob like a pig or zombie. Note the GOLD ID number printed on screen.
  3. Select the entity with "/cse select <id>" where "<id>" is the golden ID given to you.
  4. You can set properties to the mob now, all of which are listed on the wiki.
  5. Now look at the block you want to make a spawner on, and run "/css create". You will see a ID number in gold for the spawner too.
  6. Select the spawner with "/css select <id>" where "<id>" is the golden spawner ID given to you.
  7. Make the spawner work in any light level by running "/css maxlight 15".
  8. Turn on the spawner with "/css on" and watch the mobs spawn!

Some other useful commands:

  • "/customspawners" - displays the plugin info, and provides links to the main page for CustomSpawners and thebiologist13's BukkitDev profile.
  • "/css on [id]" - Turns a spawner on.
  • "/css off [id]" - Turns a spawner off.
  • "/css listall" - list all the existing spawners and locations.
  • "/cse listall" - list all the existing entities and their names if they have one.
  • "/css setname [id]" - gives a spawner a name so it is easier to find.
  • "/cse setname [id]" - gives an entity a name so you can identify it easier.

Development and Downloads

CustomSpawners is currently in Beta and may have a few bugs here and there. Many features will be modified, added, or improved on soon! You can download these versions from the download button above.


If you find any bugs, errors, or generally odd behavior, please create a ticket. You can also PM me or send me an email ([email protected]). Please include any error stacks, crash reports, what caused the error, and a description of what happened. Thanks!

Known bugs and changelog can be found on the file details:

Source for CustomSpawners is on Github!

Want to Add Economy Features?
CustomSpawners now has a extension to allow buying/selling of spawner blocks! Just download CustomSpawnersEco!

Finally, thanks to Yolju and others for ideas on updates! I will be adding more each update!


Check out the new CustomSpawners Wiki on Github! I am now putting plugin usage, commands, permissions, configuration, and other info on there.


CustomSpawners now has a FAQ! I've answered a lot of questions there.


Hey! I would really, really, REALLY appreciate it if you could donate to CustomSpawners. It helps a ton, because these things take months to make and are hard to maintain.

Also, I like doing this and don't want a real job XD.

As an added bonus, donors have the option of having their name listed here and when "/customspawners" is run on any server with CustomSpawners! If you are already a donor, or donate now, just email me (from the email account you donated from) with your Minecraft username and I will add it to the list!

Click the Button on the top right above download to donate via PayPal!

Insanehero (Block Empires Server)
Zaxuno (Variant Server -

Upcoming Features

  • Bugfixes! (Will this ever go away? :D)
  • More economy stuff like give spawner commands!
  • Pick up custom spawner blocks!
  • Custom path finding, AI, and waypoints for mobs!
  • Particle effects!
  • Spawn cycles!
  • A lot of other things!
  • Other things suggested or pointed out in comments!
  • Secret easter eggs!

Have Fun!


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