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If you have haven't had your head under a rock for the past month or so you would know that custom potions are now a reality thanks to custom NBT tags but what if you want to run a server game that required unlimited speed potions or even some not added into the game just yet without restarting the server to edit NBT and chests and inventories why can't we just spawn in the potion with NBT data? Well now you can!


/cp - Shows the in-game help.

/cp give <player name> <potion name>:<duration>:<strength> - Gives a player the a potion with the specified effects and you can do the '<potion name>:<strength>:<duration>' for as long as it lets you, add -s to the end for a splash potion.

/cp add <potion name>:<duration>:<strength> - Adds effects to a premade potion, follows the same system as /cp give.

/cp brews - Lists all brews.

/cp brew <brew name> - Gives you a specified brew.

/cp addbrew - Adds the potion in your hand to the brew list, if it exists it will overwrite the old one.


/cp - No Permission Node

/cp list - No Permission Node

/cp brews - No Permission Node

/cp brew <brew name> - cp.brew

/cp give ...etc - cp.use

/cp add ...etc - cp.add

/cp addbrew - cp.addbrew

What's a brew?

A brew is a single potion saved by the server to save you recreating it, simply a potion kit. ;)

Little Info

If you find any bugs or have any ideas you want implemented send a ticket and I'll answer


For all the developers out there I've added methods to add things into this plugin

addPotionAllies(String allies, PotionEffectType type) - Adds a new potion allies - returns true if successful

addPotionBrew(String name, PotionEffect[] potion) - Adds a new potion brew that will be saved in the config - returns true if successful

HashMap<String, PotionEffectType> getPotions() Returns all the potion allies

HashMap<String, PotionEffect[]> getPotionBrews() - Returns all potion brews

int getDefaultPotionId() - Returns the durability used by normal potions

int getDefaultSplashId() - Returns the durability used by splash potions

PotionEffectType getPotion(String string) - Returns the potion behind the allies - Returns null if it doesn't exist

Donation Message

If you feel really nice today you can Donate to help the development of plugins like these my clicking my Donate button at the top-right of the page


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