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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

General Description

If you have haven't had your head under a rock for the past month or so you would know that custom potions are now a reality thanks to custom NBT tags but what if you want to run a server game that required unlimited speed potions or even some not added into the game just yet without restarting the server to edit NBT and chests and inventories why can't we just spawn in the potion with NBT data, Well now you can!


/cp - Lists the Custom Potion Aliases

/cp <potion name> <strength> <duration> - Edits a potion/water bottle in your hand to add the specified potion effect

/cp <player name> <potion name> <strength> <duration> - Edits a potion/water bottle in another player's hand to add the specified potion effect

/cp give <player name> <isSplash(True or False)> <potion name>:<strength>:<duration> - Gives a player the a potion with the specified effects and you can do the '<potion name>:<strength>:<duration>' for as long as it lets you

/cp me <isSplash(True or False)> <potion name>:<strength>:<duration> - The same as /cp give <Your name> (Not working, need to redo the code)


/cp - No Permission Node

/cp <potion name> <strength> <duration> - cp.transform

/cp <player name> <potion name> <strength> <duration> - cp.transform.others

/cp give <player name> <isSplash(True or False)> <potion name>:<strength>:<duration> - cp.give.pther

/cp me <isSplash(True or False)> <potion name>:<strength>:<duration> - cp.give

Quick Tutorial

Little Info

If you find any bugs or have any ideas you want implemented send a ticket and I'll answer

Donation Message

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