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Bored of the normal mobs spawning all over the world? Mobs which just have always the same weapon, same health and nothing else? Here's the solution: CustomMobs! Customize your mobs just like you want and save them to a simple file. Once created and saved you can spawn them easily as often you want and where you want. In addition it's easy to spawn mobs with other plugins since the whole spawning process got shortened to one single method!


What is CustomMobs?

With simple words this is a mob-customizer. create mobs just as you like them and spawn them with potion effects, armor or whatever you like. Even the drops of a mob can be customized!


  • custommobs.* gives access to all customMobs commands
  • /op - Operators have access to all commands of CustomMobs.
  • Each command has its own permission, to use any command you need the "custommobs.cmduse" Permission! See the Command-Descriptions and Examples Page.


Command-Descriptions and Examples: Click Here...


[Command descriptions for v3.0 and newer]

  • /cmob - Overview of the /cmob commands.
  • /cmob create <Type> <Name> - Creates a mob with given type and filename (not the displayname of the mob!)
  • /cmob burn <Name> true/false <duration/-1/infinite> - Sets the mob on fire or not with given time (ticks not seconds)
  • /cmob delete <Name> - Deletes the mob from the database
  • /cmob name <Name> <CustomName> - Sets the displayname of a mob shown above it's head
  • /cmob fireproof <Name> <true/false> - Sets a mob fireproof so it doesn't take damage from fire, lava and related anymore.
  • /cmob exp <Name> <ExpAmount> - Sets the amount of exp it dropps on death
  • /cmob health <Name> <Health> - Sets the health of the mob as high as you like
  • /cmob setpotion <Name> <Effect> <Amplifier> <Duration> - Sets potioneffects on the mob when spawned
  • /cmob resetpotion <Name> <Effect> - Removes the given effect from the mob
  • /cmob equip <Name> 0/1/2/3/4 - Sets current weared armor/item-in-hand on the mob (0 weapon, 1 boots, 2 leggings, 3 chestplate, 4 helmet) (Enchantments are possible)
  • /cmob drop <Name> <Chance (0.0 - 1.0)> - Sets the item-in-hand as possible drop of the mob with the chance 0% to 100% (0,0 - 1,0)
  • /cmob spawn <Name> - Spawns the mob on the block you look at.
  • /cmob spawner <Name> [delay > 0] - Sets the named mob as the spawned mob of the spawners youre looking at.
  • /cmob cmd <Name> <CommandLine> - Sets a Command that's executed by the ServerConsole on Mob Death. (see configuration section for banned commands)
  • /cmob limit <Name> <limit/-1/infinite> - Sets the limit how often a mob can be alive at the same time on the whole server.
  • /ccmob spawn <Name> <worldname> <x> <y> <z> - spawn command for Console and CommandBlock!


  • /cconfig - Overview of the /cconfig commands.
  • /cconfig add <Name> <(groupspawn) true/false> <groupamount> <(SpawnRate 0.0 - 1.0> [b:Biomes] [w:Worlds] [r:Regions] - sets a new mob to be spawned randomly.
  • /cconfig remove <Name> - removes a mob from being spawned randomly.
  • /cconfig list - lists all mobs that are spawned randomly.


  • /crespawn - Overview over the CRespawn commands
  • /crespawn add <Name> <Time in seconds> - Spawns and sets the mob to respawn after <time in seconds> after being killed at the block you look at. See command description for detailed information behind this.
  • /crespawn add <Name> <Time in seconds> <x> <y> <z> - Spawns and sets the mob to respawn after <time in seconds> after being killed at the location you specify. See command description for detailed information behind this.
  • /crespawn remove <Name> - Removes the mob from being respawned after certain time.


Installation instructions and patchfiles for your craftbukkit or spigot server are included in the download Zipfile.


  • frequency - (Default: 10 - Recommended.)

Its range can be from 0 to 100 and it defines how often a mob-spawning is controlled by the CustomMobs plugin and a normally spawned mob is replaced by a randomly selected mob of the mobs that are added to the randomly spawning mobs.

  • spawnAtStartup - (Default: false)

Connected to the /crespawn-settings. If a mob is set to respawn at a certain location this mob will spawn there at server startup if this is set to true.

  • spawnAtStartupDelay - (Default: 100)

Connected to the /crespawn-settings. If spawnAtStartup is 'true' all mobs that set to respawn at their defined location will spawn not instantly at startup, but <delay> ticks later. (1 second = 20 ticks; Which means by default they will respawn 5 seconds after startup if spawnAtStartup is set to true)

  • spawnerRange - (Default: 16)

Connected to Spawners. This defines how near a player has to be to a spawner so the spawner actually spawns the mobs specified. Like if you are 17 blocks away, but this is set to 16, the spawner will spawn nothing.

  • bannedMobCommands - (Includes by default: pex, restart, stop, sudo, op, reload)

Connected to the /cmob cmd-settings. Commands listed here are banned from being executed when a mob dies. Which means if a mob has been set to shedule the command '/stop' (to stop the server obviously) when being killed, but this list contains this command as banned command, it will not execute. This secures some restrictions so that somebody who has access to the functionality of this plugin only, cannot take over the server. However, if you wish that a mob should be able to execute /stop or /restart when killed for WHATEVER reason, then you just have to remove that command from the list and reload or restart your server. Commands listed here in the config.yml must not start with the leading '/'.

  • spawnlimitResetCommands - (Includes by default: butcher, killall)

If one of the commands listed here is executed, all mobs with spawnLimit will be killed and the player will recieve a message about how many mobs are killed. Killing mobs with this command does not shedule the respawning. Commands listed here in the config.yml must not start with the leading '/'. Only players with the permission custommobs.* (permissions will change and multiple permissions will be introduced with v3.1) can use this functionality so be sure that all players that have access to /butcher or /killall or whatever command listed here has permissions to use the limit-resetting functionality. Permission needed for usage of spawnlimitResetCommands: custommobs.limit.flush

Developer-relevant Information

(Moved to the following Site:)

Developer API


[Outdated D:]



As doesn't allow the sharing of .rar files, i'll upload v3.0 and newer versions to dropbox.

See the Readme file for instructions on installing the plugin!

v2.51 and older still available on the "files" page

v3.0: CustomMobs_v3.0 (

v3.1: CustomMobs_v3.1 (

v3.2: CustomMobs_v3.2 (

v3.3: CustomMobs_v3.3 (

v3.4: CustomMobs_v3.4 (

v3.5: CustomMobs_v3.5 (

v3.6: CustomMobs_v3.6 (

Chinese mirrors:

v3.6: CustomMobs_v3.6 (Chinese Mirror)

v2.6: CustomMobs_2.6 (Chinese Mirror)

Upcoming Features

Upcoming features are not listed in the "Future Plans" section on the spigot page!


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