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Global Enchantments

  • Lifesteal - Gives you half a heart back whenever you punch an enemy.
  • Blind - Blinds the Enemy.
  • Deathbringer - Doubles your Damage.
  • Gooey - Hitting your enemy rapidly causes the enemy to be flinged into the air.
  • Poison - Poisons your enemy.
  • Block - Blocking with a Sword increases your Resistance.
  • Ice Aspect - Slows your enemy on hit. Has a Chance to freeze an enemy Player.
  • Shockwave - Upon hitting an enemy, you hurl up the ground in front of you.
  • Autorepair - Automatically repairs your Armor/Weapon after you started it via shift + rightclicking.
  • Crippling Strike - Cripples your enemy on hit.
  • Thundering Blow - Upon hitting an enemy, you have a chance to strike Lightning onto it.
  • Vampire - Heals you by half of your damage.
  • Deep Wounds - Upon hitting an enemy, you have a chance of causing it to bleed.
  • Charge - Attacking while sprinting increases your damage.
  • Aerial - Attacking while airborne increases your damage.
  • Wither (Thanks to phoenixlzx) - Withers your enemy on hit.
  • Headless (Thanks to rpgrowland, IAmNotPopular and hetjoshi) - Gives you the head of an enemy you killed.
  • Disarming - Disarms the enemy.

Tools only

  • Explosive - When destroying a block that your tool was meant for you cause an explosion that breaks similar blocks arround that.
  • Smelting - When destroying a block, get the smolten products of this block.
  • Energizing - Allows you to dig faster for a tiny moment after breaking something.
  • Quickening - Breaking a block will give you a temporary speed boost.

Bow only

  • Bombardment - Bombards the Player on hit.
  • Lightning - Strikes your enemy with a Lightning.
  • Firework - The arrow constantly spawns fireworks for 5 seconds. May cause lag if spammed ( arround 50 arrows at once ).
  • Paralyze - Slows, Blinds and Weakens your enemy completely.
  • Molotov - Attaches a molotov to the arrow, tends to start fires.
  • Volley (First merged contribution! Thanks to fantasm0) - Fires multiple arrows in a cone in front of you.
  • Wither (Thanks to phoenixlzx) - Applies the Wither effect to your enemy.
  • Piercing (Thanks to Hetjoshi) - Ignores your enemy's armor.
  • Shuffle (Thanks to Darkman_Bree) - Switches your position with your enemy's position.
  • Bounty Hunter (Thanks to Darkman_Bree) - Gives you bounty when you hit another player.
  • Healing (Thanks to rpgrowland and hetjoshi) - Heals your target for 1 heart per level.
  • Blaze (Thanks to PrinceeeMC) - Shoots fireballs instead of arrows.

Armor only

  • Molten - Sets the enemy that hit you on fire.
  • Enlighted - Heals you when hit.
  • Hardened - Applies Weakness to the enemy that hit you.
  • Poisoned - Poisons the enemy that hit you.
  • Frozen - Slows the enemy that hit you.
  • Obsidianshield - Gives you Fireresistance.
  • Shielded - Gives you a regenerating shield.
  • Revulsion - Applies Nausea to the enemy that hit you.
  • Self Destruct - Spawn live TNT on death.
  • Cursed (Thanks to phoenixlzx) - Applies the Wither effect to your enemy.
  • Endershift (Thanks to Hetjoshi) - Revitalizes you when severely wounded, giving you a speed boost and some hp to run away with.
  • Drunk - Gives slowness, mining fatigue and confusion to attackers.
  • Berserker - When low on health, you gain extreme strength.
  • Cloaking - When hit, you gain stealth for a few seconds.

Boots only

  • Gears - Boots. Gives you a Speedboost.
  • Springs - Boots. Gives you a Jumpboost.
  • Stomp - Boots. If you land on an enemy and would normally get Falldamage, you give the Falldamage you would take on the enemy, negating the damage for you.

Helmet only

  • Implants - Automatically replenishes your Food/Airbar when moving.
  • Glowing - Gives you Nightvision.