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This plugin allows you to create your own customizable armors, anywhere from the name of each piece to the strength! For now this plugin is quite simple, because it doesn't need to much. But I do plan to add more!


  • Craftable Customly Designed Armor!
  • Customizable armor pieces, name, strength, enchantment, potion effects and much more!
  • Customizable armor suits, armor color, name color
  • All configurable in the config!
  • Armor give command and list of registered armors
/CustomArmorsNoneBase command, with commands list
/CustomArmors give [Armor type]CustomArmors.give.* or CustomArmors.give.[armor_set]Gives player armor set (case sensitive!)
/CustomArmors listCustomArmors.listLists all registered armor types
/CustomArmors versionCustomArmors.versionDisplays plugin version number
NoneCustomArmors.wear.* or CustomArmors.wear.[armor_set]Ability to wear type of armor or not
NoneCustomArmors.craft.* or CustomArmors.craft.[armor_set]Ability to craft armor type or not

Config Information

  • Once you make your armor you Must add your armor type to the "Registered_Armor_Types:" list!
  • For more help on the 'Armors.yml' config Look Here.
  • For more help on the 'Settings.yml' config Look Here.


      Name: Example Breastplate
      Strength: 2
      Enchantments: Thorns:22, Oxygen:5
        Row1: DDD
        Row2: DXD
        Row3: XXX
        Ingredients: X=None,D=3
  • X = None (Nothing)
  • D = 264 (Diamond)
  • Separate ingredients and enchantments with a ","
  • Recipes only accept item ids, not names (sorry :|)


Armor strength is still being worked on, but at this moment it works like this:

  • Putting each piece of armor's strength at 0 will make it equivalent to just plain leather. Though if you wish for weaker than leather you can use negatives. The strength is no better on some armor pieces(like the chest) than others, it's the same. So, it's recommended to give higher strengths to pieces like the legs and chest rather than the helmet and boots.

It works by taking the damage, taken by the player, and restoring a certain amount of it. (depending upon how much "strength" you have from your armor) The restoring formula is this "restored amount = damage*(0.08*(strength/2)))" Just like armor strength from vanilla Minecraft, each point of strength increases defense by 8%

Armor Colors

  • Uses RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue) For RGB colors recommend This Website

Name Colors

The same as the Minecraft text Formatting codes, just get rid of the '&' before it.

Features I Wish to Add

(From Most important to least)

  • Reload command, to reload configs (Adding next update)
  • Hide data stored in item lore (just to make it look better)
  • Rewrite armor potion effects (save the potion effects to the item instead of pulling from the config)
  • More detailed armor protection (ex. protection from only lighting)
  • Multiple info's for each armor piece (maybe randomly picked?)
  • Multiple recipes for each armor piece
  • Advanced option in settings config (generates more detailed and advanced config settings)
  • Change config so it doesn't delete everything if you make a little mistake! (this may be an issue outside of my control)

If you have any questions please ask!


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