CrimsonStone allows users to do things with redstone that were never capable before. From allowing you to place pressure plates on TNT, to underwater redstone, this plugin is a great addition to any server that has users who like redstone.

No More Redstone Apocalypses!

Ever got exceedingly ticked off when you were building some complex redstone circuit involving water and you accidentally let the water flow on your redstone? Have you ever wanted to build a redstone trap underwater, or under lava, but couldn't? If so, then you might appreciate CrimsonStone.

CrimsonStone mods the water and lava of MineCraft, and adds redstone (and any preset material which you enable in the config) to the list of exceptions (among ladders and sugarcane) that water and lava cannot break.

Here is an image of CrimsonStone protecting redstone wire and a redstone torch.

Unlike other waterproof mods, CrimsonStone's water actually avoids and flows over redstone (once again because of not cancelling events).

To make underwater redstoneering even easier, CrimsonStone also allows you to place redstone underwater.

CrimsonStone can protect any block ids specified in the config file.

TNT Cannons... Without Water.

CrimsonStone can be used to protect your circuits from explosions, too. Now mis-timed TNT cannons won't wreck all your wiring.

It can be used as a circuit-grief protection tool, as normally, active circuit+TNT=sad person, but active circuit+TNT+CrimsonStone=wasted TNT.

Note that currently, it only protects the materials specified in the configuration file, and not the block underneath, so if the block underneath is broken, so will the material.

Here is an image of a TNT cannon working without water:

TNT Cannon Without Water

Armoring affects every block that has an ID which is in the config.

Put Redstone on Anything!

CrimsonStone also extends existing blocks to allow redstone (and indeed almost any other block) to be placed on them. This means that you can have redstone on fences, and rails on glass. Even levers on TNT. This allows for more creative exploits of redstone's power that defy physics, such as a glass rollercoaster.

This is just a glimpse of what can be done with CrimsonStone's override of normal MineCraft blocks.:


Blocks that are modified by CrimsonStone are:

  glass panes
  iron bars
  nether fence


Just drag and drop! The latest version of CrimsonStone is available from here.

Known Bugs

1. You get stuck trying to pass through a gap between fence and nether fence, fence and glass, etc. Attempted fix in next version

2. T Flip-Flops, and other advanced redstone circuits involving pistons do not work properly. To work around this, set Block Override.Pistons to false in the config file.

3. Looking up at redstone/diode shows no texture as redstone isn't meant to be seen from below.

4. On modded blocks, the redstone texture cannot be seen connecting redstone on top of block to redstone below block. Redstone functions normally, however.

Find a bug? Please let me know by posting the traceback along with as much information as possible!

Videos of CrimsonStone

Here is a place for cool videos made by users of CrimsonStone.

Recommended Plugins

CraftBook. This plugin was the first to add new mechanics to Minecraft, and fits entirely with the theme of CrimsonStone. From IC's to minecart ejector blocks, this plugin has everything you need to create a server with more modern technology!

CrimsonStone Usage


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