Explanations for the different settings in config.yml

How to setup config.yml

Default Creative mode (minecraft or creativity)minecraftdefines the default creative mode
Block protection default for playerstruedefault setting for block protection
Bedrock protectedtruedefines if bedrock can be placed/destroyed
Bottom Layer protectedtruedefines if layer zero of the map can be destroyed
Disable fire spreadtruefire won´t spread or destroy blocks
Disable explosionstruenothing will be destroyed by explosions
Auto switch to creativetruewhen joining a creative world, creative gamemode is enabled
Different inventories for creative worldstruecreative and survival worlds have different inventories
Clearinventorytrueenables the /clearinv command
Time pluginfalseenables the time plugin (default disabled)
Time preset-set your time presets here
example: oneofyourworldsnormalnormal, day night - but you can set it ingame !
CWorld-txt enables worldstrueonly worlds set to true in CWorld.yml will be creative
-falseworlds set to true in CWorld.yml will be survival
Players can´t drop items from inventorytrueplayers can´t drop items
Languageen_GBdefine your default language - you need to download the language files
Blacklist enabledtrueBlocks listed in blacklist.yml can not be placed
Remove blacklisted ItemstrueBlocks listed in blacklist.yml will be removed when trying to place them