Creativity Version 1.1.0 for CB 1.4.7

creative mode with many options

things coming up:

  • things to be included in v1.2:
    • config generation error fix
    • if it is possible -> place things everywhere (e.g. torches on glass)
  • after finishing v1.2 i will go for v2.0 with following features:
    • SQLite support
    • a lot of changes in code to make it faster
    • maybe i will drop of creativity creative and just use the minecraft creative mode
    • split things to get one main plugin with optional add-ons (not sure)

This plugin was made for even having a creative mode in minecraft, but with Minecraft 1.8 i made some major changes and added support for the built in Creative Gamemode. The plugin now helps you to manage creative and non-creative (survival) worlds and has some useful features. You can protect different blocks, disable placing and destroying of bedrock and protect the bottom layer of the map, so players can´t fall into the void. Also the plugin features different inventories for creative / survival worlds, inventory clear and has an optional time plugin. Nearly every feature can also be turned off.

Latest additions have been item blacklist, for items users/players can´t place and the ability to turn on ranged building, so players can build and destroy over large distance.


  • Item blacklist for Items that can not be placed
  • Ranged (far distance) building / destroying
  • localisation / language support (available: english, german, french)
  • 3 different game modes
    • survival
    • minecraft creative
    • creativity creative (coded this before minecraft 1.8 and i still prefer it)
  • auto gamemode change on world change
  • no player damage(creativity creative)
  • no hunger (creativity creative)
  • different drop types
    • no drops
    • inventory drops
    • standard drops (only creativity !)
  • instantmine
  • Different protections (all configurable)
    • Bedrock protection (Bedrock can´t be placed or destroyed)
    • Bottom layer protection (Layer zero can´t be destroyed, even if its sponge or dirt)
    • Block protection (you can´t destroy levers, doors, signs and whatever you want !)
  • disable fire spread
  • disable explosions
  • Time plugin for only day / only night
  • easy to use inventory clear
  • Multiworld support (works best with Multiverse 2.0 !)
  • different Inventories for creative and survival worlds
  • Permissions support
  • config files
    • config.yml - general settings
    • CWorld.yml - define in which worlds creative is enabled
    • protlist.yml - define protected blocks
    • blacklist.yml - define blocks that can´t be placed
    • playersettings.yml - player related data is stored here you should not edit this file !


creativity.allgrants full accessonly admins should get this node
creativity.creategrants access to /create, /drops, /idrops, /protnone
creativity.cleargrants access to /clearinvnone
creativity.timegrants access to /timeset, /timepluginensure who can do that !
creativity.allworldsyou can use creative in all worldsi guess only admins should get this node
creativity.noblacklistturns off blacklistnone
creativity.rangedgrants access to /rangedbuildingnone


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