OutBreak - Zombi post-apocalyptic overhaul


Survive. For you. For your comrades. For your...LIFE !

The plugin is now called "OutBreak", even if the configuration folder still shows "CranaZ" A lot of things also changed within 2.501. Check it out

Pour les français, présentation ici ou sur minecraft.fr

The plugin needs CrackShot(still compatible with 1.8.x)


You must replace the original CrackShot configuration by mine: english weapons OR french weapons.


CranaZ is not just a plugin, it's an overhaul (yes, really) of the mechanics and the role play of a server. By it's functions it changes completely the ambiance, and the server itself. As you've probably guess, CranaZ takes your server in a dark, unbelievable zombi post-apocalyptic world, with unique properties like:

  • Dedicated resource pack to get plenty of items, downloadable in-game
  • AI overhaul
  • Evolved loot system
  • Backpack system
  • Thirst system, shown by the experience bar
  • Real weapons, with real recoil But, now, let's check all of it's capabilities.


AI Enhancements

  • Zombies are not like before. Now, they walk & run 1.6x faster than before. And they're more clever than before;now, they won't detect you if they haven't a line of sight on you (by default, it's configurable). If you're on sneak they will see you at 7 blocks, 15 blocks if you're walking, and 25 if you're sprinting. These values can be decreased up to -60% with a complete camo outfit, and are configurable. And they will call their friends, too. Prepare to die.
  • No more skeletons, spiders & wtf mobs, because it's not RP in this case
  • Different types of zombies, and configurable random spawn values. There are runners (faster, but weaker), athletes, and even juggernauts.
  • You can now place virtual spawners around the map, which will highly increase zombies' spawn rate in the zone, which can be cleaned to deactive the spawner for a short amount of time. virtual-spawner

Backpack system

  • You can open your backpack by right clicking a backpack item in your inventory.
  • A backpack can contain some items. The size is like a small chest.
  • You can get one in a loot (let's watch below). backpack1

Thirst system

  • Fully configurable thirst system.
  • Thirst shown by the experience bar.
  • Water bottle can be found in loots.

Effects | bleeding & others

  • If you lose too much health, you will start to bleed out, needing a bandage to stop the injuries.
  • Added some funny substances which will help you to fight against undead, like amphetamines.
  • Added some vicious items, like poisons to silently kill other players, because, after all, they can be even worse than zombies.

Items | Weapons & overhaul

  • All RP items have been renamed. For example, an iron sword is now a machete with custom texture.
  • Added a realistic, configurable recoil for CrackShot weapons.
  • Added new craftings, for example the amphetamines can be crafted in a workbench with mushrooms & other items. sniper1

Loot & packs

  • Respawnable chests, which contains random inventories taken from pack types
  • Added different pack types, which will define the content of chests & loots. Each item has a different rarity in pack types.
  • Fully 3D modelized items, representing respawnable loots which player can take from the ground, just like in DayZ. loots1


  • Added a system which prevents players from left while fighting.
  • In-game downloadable resource pack
  • Available in both french, german and english languages
  • System which prevents players from left server while in combat (kills him) camo1


  • /cranaz <accept|decline> - Accept/decline a player invitation to go to adventure with him.
  • /cranaz zombie [x] - Admins. Spawns X modified zombies (basic, not runner, athletes or anything else) where you are looking.
  • /cranaz state - Admins. Get the nearest virtual spawner informations.
  • /cranaz spawn -Admins.Define a random spawn point where you are looking to.You must do this in order to the "go-to-adventure" module to work !
  • /cranaz spawner - Admins.Define a virtual spawner where you are looking to. Don't do this too much, it's performance heavy, as spawn rate is 6x bigger than already high normal rate.
  • /bags get - Admins. Get a backpack.
  • /bags give [player] - Admins. Give a bag to the player.
  • /clp get [item] [amount] - Admins. Get a specified item. Specify nothing to show the list of available items.
  • /clp pack [pack] - Admins. Define a respawnable chest point. Use /clp packs to get list.
  • /clp loot [pack] - Admins. Define a loot point.
  • /clp delpack - Admins. Delete a pack (chest) point.
  • /clp del - Admins. Enter in loot edition mode to delete them by right-clicking. Redo to left edition mode.
  • /clp loot - Admins. Create a loot point.
  • /clp packs - Get the packs list.
  • /tpack - Get the resource pack. I recommend you to assign this command to an action, like interacting with something
  • /goadv - Go to adventure, alone or with a friend. Same as /tpack, assign it to an action.
  • /setspawn - Set the main spawn point where players will appear for the first time. I advise you to set it in a closed room.

Bugs, ideas, corrections...

Please keep in mind this is still a beta, some bugs can still be there

If you have some errors after updating the plugin, please go to CranaZ folder in your plugins folder, and then delete the configuration folder (except the loots & packs folders inside the database folder is you have set loot & pack points). The plugin will reset the configuration, cleaning these bugs.

If you found a bug, got an idea...please PM me or post a comment, i'll check it. As I will do a lot of updates in the next weeks, i'm open for all ideas.

This description will probably be edited in order to increase the overview's accuracy.

Downloads & links

CrackShot configuration: SEE TOP OF DESCRIPTION


Source code on GitHub

Thanks for reading ;) !


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