Per-World Config

If you'd like to modify the logging settings for a specific world, simply do the following:

  1. Copy the config.yml file to the name of the world (e.g. world_nether.yml)
  2. In the new file, modify the logging settings as desired.
  3. Either restart your server, or type "/co reload" in-game.

Secondary configuration files override the value specified in config.yml. If you leave an option out of a secondary configuration file, then the option specified in config.yml will be used.


  1. If you'd like to disable all logging for the End, copy the config.yml file to "world_the_end.yml" (matching the folder name for the world). Then, simply disable all logging options within the "world_the_end.yml" file.
  2. If you just want to disable entity death logging in the Nether, but keep all other logging options the same, simply create a file named "world_nether.yml" containing the text "rollback-entities: false".


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