CoreProtect 2.00 Upgrade Guide

Ready to upgrade from CoreProtect 1.# to 2.#? Here's some information you should know.

Only CoreProtect versions prior to v2.1.0 support upgrading from v1.#
If you wish to upgrade from CoreProtect 1.# to v2.1 or higher, you'll first need to run an older version of CoreProtect first.

The upgrade is one-way
Once upgraded, you can't downgrade, unless you have a backup of your CoreProtect data.

The upgrade will start automatically
As soon as CoreProtect 2.00 is loaded on your server, it'll start importing old data. Old CoreProtect data will be automatically deleted.

You can use your server during the upgrade
However, CoreProtect commands won't be usable until it completes.

The upgrade can take several hours
If you have a large amount of CoreProtect data, the upgrade will take some time. Please be patient.

Please don't interrupt the upgrade
If you do, any block changes that happened since the upgrade started won't be logged in CoreProtect. During the upgrade, it queues up data, and saves it when the upgrade completes.

If your data is important, back it up
Although upgrades currently have a high success rate, data loss can happen if your CoreProtect data was previously corrupted.

WorldEdit logging now requires WorldEdit 5.5+
If you rely on WorldEdit logging, upgrade WorldEdit before upgrading to CoreProtect 2.0

The configuration files are now located in "plugins/CoreProtect"
Your old configuration files will automatically be copied over from the "CoreData" folder when upgrading.


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