CookieMonster - Money and Items for PvM and PvP

Version: 1.8.1



I have re-written this from the ground up and moved this project to become "CookieMinion"

Tons of improvements and optimizations in less than half the code size of CookieMonster!

1.13 support is continued under the CookieMinion project


Improvements over the old CookieMonster:

  • Uses Vault for cash economy, greatly expanding compatibility
  • Entity data saved in metadata, freeing up threads required for cleanup
  • WorldGuard enabled/disabled regions are now a flag injected into WorldGuard itself ('cookiemonster')
  • Item drops can include metadata - even book contents!
  • Permission-based reward multipliers
  • Execute console commands when things are killed!
  • Can drop items that are converted to currency when collected from the ground.
  • Simpler configuration that can still be granular


  • Player-made spawner tracking removed, now only tracks spawners
  • Players can kill expensive things, balance won't go negative


This project page is being reserved for if/when I finally get around to finishing CookieMonster 2.0, which will be minutely configurable, but at the cost of a considerably larger code base.




Receive Economy rewards for hunting down monsters, animals, even other players!

This is a continuation of Coelho's initial CookieMonster Plugin
CookieMonster is based off of the inactive iMonster, however uses none of the code from it, so it is more lightweight.


  • configurable item drops and economy reward for each monster
  • configurable economy reward for items used to kill monsters
  • also supports PvP
  • Supports iConomy 4,5,6, BOSEcon 6,7, MultiCurrency, & EssentialsEco
  • Ability to change entity drops with drop-rate.
  • Ability to add minimum and maximum money drops for randomness
  • A kill tracking system to check for spawn camping
    • define a square-radius for area to check, including max. elevation change, # of kills in this area, & timespan before an individual kill is no longer counted
    • anything over that number within the area will disable rewards until the records are old enough to be removed
    • so far, only lasts in server memory, so records are lost on server stop/reload
  • doesn't allow to damage a creature/mobspawner if penalty is greater than account balance
  • option to only drop items for a direct kill (stops autofarmers)
  • option to replace normal drops with custom drops
  • option to drop custom drops items globally
  • configurable messages (including if there is no reward)
  • can distingush charged from normal creepers, and tame/pet wolves from wild wolves
  • can disable/enable rewards for defined regions
    • uses WorldEdit for selections


  • /cookiemonster (cm) reload reloads settings from configuration file
  • /cm region define <id> set a region (once a region is selected in worldedit)
  • /cm region list [page] list regions (in current world if as a player)
  • /cm region remove <id> to remove regions


  • ? permissions (for rewards & maybe permission to kill without penalty?)
  • ? penalties/rewards for killing players in groups?

Demonstration Video:


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