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Have you ever had a very annoying person on your server, that you just couldn't get rid of? But banning him would make you stand there as if you were a mean admin. Muting has been around for a while - it's all been done before.

You need something new: Regain control, with ConTroll!


While other muting plugins just don't allow troll players to talk and maybe break blocks and such, ConTroll offers, in addition to default chat muting and blocking environment interactions, the following sweet features:


  • Fixing the Player: This is your normal muting plus blocking any of their movements. Environmental interaction is also disabled.
  • Rage Quit Mode: Fixes the Player. They will automatically say configurable, nice things about your server, frankly until they rage quit. At that point, you can easily ban them without anyone noticing!

These are the options for now, but further ideas would be: ( They will eventually be implemented if this plugin raises enough attention =P )

  • Museum Mode: Even after your troll is banned you can keep an NPC of him.
  • Control Mode: Turn into your troll. You take full control over his player model, inventory, actions and chat messages.

If you have any more ideas, feel free to post them below and I'll see what I can do!


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