Big thanks to Jensui for the logo! :)

TheCmdSuite is a simple, lightweight alternative to the well-known Essentials plugin! It also has some features that Essentials has yet to add!

This plugin is perfect for people who don't need all the extra stuff that comes with essentials, and just want the basic stuff needed to run a server, or are tired of conflicts that essentials can cause from time to time.

Note: April 30, 2014
0.5 Is Now Released!

Tempban has been postponed due to a conflict with the ban command, and i don't want to postpone 0.5 Any longer.

  • Hub Command - Set a hub for your players!
  • Spawn Command - Set a spawn for your players!
  • Ban Command - Ban a bad player!... Or your bestfriend... i wont judge :)
  • Unban Command - Unban your friend...
  • Kick Command - Kick a player off the server
  • Warp Command - Set & Teleport to server warps
  • Home Command - Set your home (Permission for multiple homes)
  • Teleport Command - Teleport to a friend (There is a tp request command and a tp command for admins)
  • Warp Signs - Teleport to a warp by clicking a sign
  • Back Command - Teleports you to your last location
  • Help Command - List's plugin commands
  • Broadcast Command - Broadcast's your message (Configurable)
  • Rules Command - Displays server rules defined in config

  1. Place a sign
  2. On the first line, put [Warp]
  3. On the second line, put your warp name (CASE-SENTITIVE)
  4. Hit Done, and test your sign!

Click here to see a sample warp sign.

  • Teleport Command Implemented in version 0.4
  • Gamemode Command Implemented in version 0.4
  • Warp Command Implemented in version 0.4
  • Home Command Implemented in version 0.4
  • Warp Signs Implemented in version 0.4
  • Back command Implemented in version 0.4
  • Help Command Implemented in 0.5
  • Rules Command Implemented in 0.5
  • Broadcast Command (Requested) Implemented in 0.5
  • Clean up the config Implemented in 0.5
  • TempBan Command Postponed to 0.6 due to conflicts with the ban command.
  • UUID Support Planned in 0.6
  • Give Command (Requested) Planned in 0.6
  • Player List Command
  • KickAll Command
  • Color Signs (I'm not sure about this, let me know if you want it.)
  • Chat Logger (Will be on the Extended Version)
  • Announcer (Will be on the Extended Version)
  • Kits Command (Requested)
  • Anything you suggest!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or find a bug! :)

Note: I plan to release 2 versions of this plugin. A "Light" version, and a "Extended" Version. The Extended version will include the features such as the Chat Logger, and Announcer, and anything that is more strain on the server. The Light version will be as simple & lightweight as possible, And will NOT include the Logger or Announcer. So once such features are added, you will have a choice :)


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