Here is a quick tutorial for ChestList

  • Once ChestList is installed, place a chest, and place an item in it (ChestList only logs what happens once it's installed)
  • Type "/cl near"
  • That will give you a list of chests near to you, the nearest one will be the one at the bottom of the chat, it's ID will be prefixed by a hash.
  • Type "/cl check", followed by the chest ID (don't type the hash)
  • You should get a log that looks like this:


  • You can also check which chests you have used.
  • Type "/cl list YOUR_NAME" (obviously put your name there)
  • You should see a list of what chests you most recently accessed.
  • Now get a "friend" to come along and steal something from your chest
  • Type "/cl search CHEST_ID FRIENDS_NAME 1" (replace CHEST_ID with the chest ID, FRIENDS_NAME with your friends username)
  • It will show only the logs involving your friend, this is useful when lots of people have accessed the chest.
  • If you want to see very basic info on a chest, you can type "/cl info CHEST_ID", this will show you the position and last user of a chest.
  • To remotely open a chest, you can use "/cl open CHEST_ID"
  • To see a list of chests near another player, use "/cl near PLAYER_NAME"

You should now know the basics of using ChestList


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