This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

!! Attention !!

ChestList has just passed by Davii to th3randomizer, to allow the continuation of the development!

The plugin is working with no problems on small servers, but will be released as soon as possible a version of the plugin with better memory handling.

Thanks for your patience :)



Warning 30 bytes of memory are used up per individual record, a record is created every time a chest is opened, or changed. On larger servers this can lead to a significant amount of memory being used up. Due to this, and me being too lazy to restructure the data files, this project is no longer maintained.

Please message me if you would like to acquire the source to continue the plugin.


ChestList allows you to log players chest access, and allows admins to view and search those logs at any time.

Possible uses

  • Finding out who X-Rayed a hidden chest
  • Finding out who raided a base

Here is an example output from a chest log:

19-Apr-2012 18:49:14 Daviidi created chest.
18:50:01 Daviidi opened chest.
18:50:03 Daviidi put 64 Diamond
19:04:42 Daviidi opened chest.
19:04:43 Daviidi put 1 Cyan Dye
19:08:59 Daviidi destroyed chest.
19:08:59 Chest dropped 1 Cyan Dye (to Daviidi)
19:08:59 Chest dropped 64 Diamond (to Daviidi)

Date and Time is formatted according to your system settings, The item id/name mappings can be changed in the items.txt file


/chestlist (alias: /cl)

chestlist check <chestID> [PageNumber=1]

views logs for that chest Id. If pagenumber is specified it will show that page of logs, 25 logs per page

Example: /chestlist check 4b 3 [Check logs for chest with ID 4b, page 3]

chestlist search <chestID> <Search Terms> <PageNumber>

Searches that chestId's logs for the search terms specified

Example: /chestlist search 4b Daviidi Diamond 1 [Searches the chest with id '4b' for logs involving 'Daviidi' and 'Diamond', and shows page 1 of those logs]

chestlist list <playerName> [Recent|Popular]

Lists the most recent chests id's that player has accessed, if you specify Popular, it lists the chest id's that player most often uses

Example: /chestlist list Daviidi [Displays the most recent chests accessed by Daviidi]

chestlist info <chestID>

Displays the location and last user of that chest

chestlist open <chestID>

Opens the chest, so you can look at and change the contents

chestlist near [playerName|Location]

Lists the nearest chests to you, or the nearest chests to the specified player, or the nearest chests to the specified location

Example: /chestlist near 200 50 -40 [List chests near the co-ordinates (200,50,-40)]

chestlist recordcount

Lists how many records ChestList is storing


To use any command, the permission "chestlist.list" is required. Defaults to op.

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