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This plugin is no longer abandoned! The development has been partially taken over by XEROX21000.

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This plugin is potentially dangerous. It may break your plugins and can potentially be used to grief. Don't give this plugins permissions node do everyone. For the love of god, do not add an ascii color code to your new name. Do not use this command under the influence of drugs. I take no responsibility for what you do with this plugin.


So this is a plugin which can change a players name ingame, with no logouts. This is the command:

  • /changename <playername> - Changes your username (Permissions node changename.change)

This is a very powerful plugin, as its not just a simple Nickname changer plugin.


  • Changing your player name ingame
  • Changing the name displayed in /who
  • Changing the name in chat
  • Changing skin to the new name for other users. It won't change for yourself due to a limitation in minecraft
  • Changing usergroup to the new name (does not change permissions with PermissionsEX)
  • Changing name that appears above your head

Video Demonstration:

So yeah, very powerful.


  • As stated above, changing skin for yourself is not possible due to a limitation in minecraft
  • Can be used to become a higher ranked user, but thankfully won't give the higher permissions!
  • None others that I have found

Possible Uses:

  • Server administration - Checking user groups without having to re log or ask other users
  • Server administration - Disguise as a default user to moniter other people
  • Developing - Checking you coded permissions right :D
  • Fun - Convince your users you are Notch! Or Jeb! Or Team avolition! (lol)


Version 1 Initial release


lahwran - He released the code for changing the name, I implemented it :D

Source Code

The Bottom Bit:

Thanks for 55k guys!

Any suggestions on how we can improve this plugin? Post in the comments! And if you need any help, also feel free to post on the forums section of this :)


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