CallingBlock is the easy solution for letting players be able to contact each other and call for assistance. CallingBlock allows you to simply place a calling block, sign it off with the sign configuration and a simple right click usage. We've made it as simple as possible so that each player is eligible to use it. No commands, no hard to troubleshoot errors and no hassle. CallingBlock is perfect for any server for any needs. Read the features below for more information!


  • Configurable blocks and items
  • Custom prefix messages
  • Easy troubleshooting/errors
  • Configurable calling block radius
  • Anti breakable blocks (otherwise player is OP or has permission)
  • Easy calling block sign configuration
  • Teleport on call features
  • Simple right/left click to open or close the calling block
  • Visual and sound effects + in chat messages to notify users when someone calls
  • Simple single or grouped permission nodes

Video Tutorials

If anyone is interested in creating a showcase demonstration/tutorial we would greatly appreciate it! Send us the link somehow (either Bukkit messages, plugin comments etc.) and we'll add it to this part of the page.

Video by "Jithins"

Text & Image Tutorials

Creating a calling blockTutorial completed
Destroying a calling blockTutorial completed
Registering a calling blockTutorial completed
Unregistering a calling blockTutorial coming soon...
Enabling a calling block to teleport on callTutorial coming soon...
Disabling a calling block to teleport on callTutorial coming soon...
Opening a calling blockTutorial coming soon...
Closing a calling blockTutorial coming soon...
Destroying other players calling blocksTutorial coming soon...
Changing the calling block that's usedTutorial coming soon...
Changing items that's used to enable or disable featuresTutorial coming soon...
Setting a block radius for when you can callTutorial coming soon...
Setting a calling block to call two peopleTutorial coming soon...

- If you have any other tutorials or features you want added, post in comments and we'll get to you in the next 48 hours.


  • Configure and customise each message


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