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Want an extra dimension to food and drink, this plugin allows you to record thirst on your server, making use of the water bottles in Minecraft for a more RPG feel.

For those cold artic areas snowballs can be melted into water bottles, plus mechanics of water bottles has been changed to allow stacking of water for those long journeys across the deserts.

This is my first plugin so any suggestions or feedback is most welcome

From the RPG server



  • Thirst reduces over time requiring player to drink liquid
  • Thirst will ignore players in creative
  • Thirst will not go down whilst raining (wont go up either).
  • Messages at certain thirst levels to tell players of danger
  • Effects applied to player as they get more thirst
  • Damage inflicted if thirst gets to 0
  • Replenish thirst by swimming, or consuming configured items
  • Integration with ArmorWeight plugin for thirst reduction for heavy armour weight
  • Integration with worldguardplugin for thirst free zones (mycelianium-spread deny)
  • Custom recipes

Items & Crafting

  • Stackable water bottles ( amount configurable)
  • Ability to craft/melt snowballs into water bottles for those colder areas
  • Ability to create boiled water in furnace (no use as yet)
  • Add your own custom potion recipes


  • BARAPI support
  • BossBarAPI support
  • Ability to get thirst messages through the action Bar in 1.8
  • Thirst scoreboard enabled to view thirst level
  • Scoreboard Stats Support, variable = %thirst%


  • admin /thirst set command to alter players thirst
  • refresh command for plugins, vips or admins


  • Configurable thirst for normal, desert, jungle and savanna biomes and now Nether type world
  • Configurable names & lore for boiled and pure water
  • Enable or disable the plugin per world
  • Add you own food items and thirst refresh rates in config
  • Customise thirst levels & messages players receive at those levels
  • Customise damage when thirst reaches 0


  • /thirst help - show help menu
  • /thirst check - check your thirst level
  • /thirst refresh me - refresh yourself (needs permission)
  • /thirst refresh <player> - refresh another player (needs permission)
  • /thirst set <player> <percent> - sets a players thirst to a certain percentage (needs permission)
  • /thirst ignite - for a laugh, if you are so parched you can spark a flint and steel over your head to ignite yourself
  • /thirst debug- enable console debugger


Melt snow into water bottles

Boil water for purity (Stop risk of cholera if using disease plugin)

Create your own recipes:

To add your own custom recipes add the config below defining what items should be added to create the potion, up to 9 ingredients which form a shapeless recipe.

once you have the setup add the recipe to the enabled recipes list to enable it on the server.

note the product will always be a potion with the name and thirst replenishing value

##Enabled recipes
  - eggpotion
  - testpotion

  1: AIR
  2: AIR
  3: AIR
  4: AIR
  5: EGG
  6: AIR
  7: AIR
  9: AIR
  product: POTION
  name: eggywater
  description: horrible egg mix.
  refreshRate: 10


  • thirst.refresh - refresh yourself
  • thirst.refresh.others - refresh other players
  • thirst.set.others - set the thirst of others
  • thirst.immune - ignores thirst effects
  • thirst.debug- allow debugging

Config File

Click here to go to the Config file setup config file

note you don't have to alter anything in the config the plugin will run on default settings


Come visit us at

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