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Budder Slap is a plugin inspired from Skydoesminecraft's new server. Budder Slap is a mixture of Splegg (from hive) and CookieSlap. You spawn with a gold ingot enchanted to Knockback II. You can either hit them with your gold ingot or right click (splegg part) and snowballs shoot on the floor to make them fall to there death or if you have a second layer. We are also adding some new gameplay types and also a Shop to buy cool perks in-game!


  • Multiple arena support
  • Budder Ingot (this will be changed in the config any item you want)
  • ButterShop within the game and perhaps coins?


  • Join & Leave
  • Multiple Arena Support

Working on it:

  • Multiple arenas: 100%
  • Multiworld Support: 80%
  • Sign Joining: 89%
  • Economy Support: 7%
  • GUI Shop (Butter Shop): 67%
  • Gameplay: 69%

To Do:

  • Better Gameplay
  • Make a add on for Dedicated Server s
  • Make Command Content Better

Green means that the feature is Added!

Blue means that the feature is being Added Soon!

Red means that the feature is put on Hold!

If you wish to add something visit the Support Page.

How to Install:

Requires any kind of multi-world plugin: (We recommend Multiverse Core)

  1. Download, and put into your plugin folder.
  2. Reload/Restart your server.
  3. Configure to your needs.
  4. Done!

How to Use:

  1. Install it, reload/restart your server.
  2. Type /budderslap setlobby
  3. Type /budderslap create [name] to create an arena.
  4. Type /butterslap setspawn [name] to create the spawn.
  5. Type /budderslap join [name] join's an arena Follow the instructions!

    If it doesn't work of if you find a bug visit the Support Page


BudderSlap Video GamePlay


I am sorry for not being active on the project, I have sent a message to the bukkit staff for something, if they say Yes then this plugin hopefully will be out there in no time!(Beta version)


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