Project Status Update - 6/20/12

New: First beta of Digilock has been made available.

I have posted the last version (3.6) which is intended to restore a functional DigiLock system for chests. Its has issue, many issues. Backpack inventory drag functionality creates ghost inventory items, Shift+Click works, but is at time unpredictable, I recommend disabling Backpack or use at your own risk. Doubledoor mechanics DO NOT WORK. Sort works fine, books functionality is as it was. Again, this is a very buggy updates so please dont ask for bugs to be fixed in this release. This is a last ditch effort to restore digilock functionality while we wait for the new Digilock plugin to be finished. Keep reading for details on why we chose to do this.

Here is our plan for this plugin.

  • Digilock - First beta release is now available, click the link a little farther down!
  • Backpack - First beta has been released, click the link a little farther down!. No longer requires SpoutPlugin.
  • Inventory Sort - Version 0.3 has been released. Follow link below.
  • Books - This functionality has been removed and will not be re-added since Mojang is adding it to the core app.

Here are the new project links:

Digilock: Click Here

Backpack: Click Here

SortStack: Click Here

Additional Comments: This has been a huge undertaking to re-code etc. I (dockter) have hired this out to a senior minecraft plugin developer. Please take that into consideration before filling up the comments section of this project screaming for an update to be completed. Rocologo ran out of his time to keep this up-to-date and I attempted to take it over and keep it current. With all the API changes in Spout and Bukkit I knew I was in over my head to keep a functional plugin working. That is why I decided to bring in a paid-developer to fix this properly once and for all. I personally have used this plugin since beta 1.7.3, it is a crucial part of my public Minecraft Server. There will be some additional details coming regarding both of these projects and I will update their new project pages once it becomes available to me.

Donations for this project can be directed here: PayPal: Click Here

Many thanks for your consideration.


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