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This plugin sorts and organizes inventory contents automatically just by middle click it, it is inspired in Inventory Tweaks Mod and ClickSort plugin, but lighter and with craftbukkit 1.13+ support


before middle click (images are referencial) 

after middle click, items are automatically sorted and stacked (not shown in the image)



Just open the chest/inventory and middle click inside, it will sort contents alphabetically and stack items to save space



  • craftbukkit 1.13+ support
  • sorts chests with a single middle click (less conflicting click type, more info HERE)
  • sorts items alfabetically
  • auto stacks partial item stacks to optimize space
  • just plug and play, that seems...
  • no configuration
  • no commands
  • no permissions (but since v3 added 'clicksortlite' permission)
  • no dependencies
  • compatible with any container type inventory (see below)
  • works in creative mode (see below)
  • just uses java and bukkit native methods, that seems...
  • lightning fast!
  • almost null footprint (less than 4kb!)
  • reliable and resistant to version changes
  • feels like a vanilla feature
  • low maintainance, install and forget
  • since v3 can disable inventory sorting with permissions (see above) or cancelling InventoryClickEvent



Any inventory with "container" slots which include: 

  • player inventory
  • wooden chests (single, double)
  • trapped chests (single, double)
  • ender chests
  • shulker boxes
  • dispensers, droppers, hoppers
  • animal chests (donkey, mules, llamas)
  • DON'T WORKS with creative inventory because is managed by the client (pointless anyway), however creative players can still sort his inventory (the bottom one) in dual chest views



Just copy/move the jar file inside the server plugins folder and reload/restart the server


Bug reports

if you found some bug try to isolate the problem first and find/resolve the cause, in mostly cases could be a conflict with other plugin

if the problem persists report your findings in, including server logs, detailed steps to reproduce your environment/problem and your compressed server folder (excluding world subfolders and sensible information)... make it me easy because i currently dont have the time and energy to do much researching


Important information

Thanks for your interest in this plugin, but please don't request exotic features like item classification, partial sorting, sort multiple chests, etc...  i'm not so skilled in java and my time is limited too

I write plugins with simplicity on mind, to add features that i think will be useful in vanilla minecraft, and share the code to help others to learn java like me

If you want a feature you can search another better plugin, examine the code and submit a patch, or start a fork (please respect the license)


¡Viva Chile!



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