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BlockControl is a block management plugin and is a fully configurable plugin to manage blocks. This was also a re-creation of Anti-Bedrock which formerly controlled bedrock. BlockControl also introduces helpful features such as preventing dragon egg teleportation and pickup control. Suggestions are openly accepted and may be implemented.


  • Java 7 required
  • Multi-World support
  • A completely flexible configuration file
  • Completely disable a world from being built on
  • Control block placement and destruction
  • Disable a item from being picked up and a choice of it being deleted
  • Disable a item from being dropped and a choice of it being removed from the players inventory
  • Control lava and water placement or removal
  • Disable Ender Egg teleportation
  • Configurable messages to display to a player
  • Suggestion?

Installation and Configuration

  • Drop it in the plugins folder
  • Start server and the plugin will automatically generate a folder containing "config.yml"
  • Execute command "/blockcontrol create worldname". This will generate a configuration tree for you. This is case sensitive!
  • Go into the config.yml file and configure as you please
  • Execute command "/blockcontrol reload". This will tell the server that you made changes.


Permission nodes

blockcontrol.commandGrants access to BlockControl's commands. This is really just for the operator
blockcontrol.destroyAllows a player to destroy a disabled item
blockcontrol.placeAllows a player to place a disabled item
blockcontrol.denydestroy.#Denies a player to destroy this block. Replace hash tag with data value
blockcontrol.denyplace.#Denies a player to place this block. Replace hash tag with data value
blockcontrol.lava.placeAllows a player to place lava on a disabled world
blockcontrol.lava.fillAllows a player to fill lava buckets on a disabled world
blockcontrol.water.placeAllows a player to place water on a disabled world
blockcontrol.water.fillAllows a player to fill water buckets on a disabled world
blockcontrol.pickupAllows a player to pickup disabled items
blockcontrol.dropAllows a player to drop disabled items a player to build on a disabled world


Source code at GitHub



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