BlazeFly adds the ability to fly at the cost of "fuel" blocks which are consumed as long as flight is enabled.


  • Fuel block can be set to any block via configuration
  • Fuel block duration can be set to any amount of seconds via configuration
  • Warning given on last block of fuel
  • Protected from fall damage when flight gets disabled
  • "VIP" permission for longer fuel time
  • "No fuel" permission for flight without fuel
  • Ability to change fly speed
  • Ability to disable flight in specific worlds
  • Ability to reload BlazeFly configuration ONLY
  • PvP "broken wing" system
  • Configurable user message strings (with formatting support, see this page for help)
  • Checks for updates automatically (can be disabled in config, see below)


  • /fly - Enables & disables flight
  • /bfly - An alias for /fly in the event another plugin is blocking it
  • /flyspeed - Used to modify the speed of flight. Options are 1, 2 or 4, these will multiply the speed, for example, 2 will be double speed
  • /fuel - Used to check the amount of fuel (in seconds) remaining from the last block taken
  • /flyoff - Disables the given users flight
  • /bfreload - Reloads BlazeFly's configuration without reloading any other plugins


  • updateChecker - Check and alert when a newer version is available (default is TRUE)
  • notifyAdmin - Message admins as they log in if a new version is available (default is TRUE)
  • fuelBlock - The name of the block to be used as fuel (default is "BLAZE_ROD")
  • fuelName: "Blaze Rod" - What users will be told is fuel
  • fuelSubdata - Allows setting subitems such as charcoal as the fuel block (default is 0)
  • fuelTime - The time in seconds each block of fuel will last
  • VIPBlock - The name of the block to be used as fuel for VIPs (default is "COAL")
  • VIPName - What VIP users will be told fuel is
  • VIPSubdata - Allows setting subitems such as charcoal as the fuel block (default is 0)
  • VIPTime - The time in seconds each block of fuel will last for VIPs
  • groundFuel - Amount of fuel to use while grounded (0.5 = half, 1 = full, etc, default is 0.25)
  • allowSpeed - Enables the use of /flyspeed to modify the flight speed
  • speedFuel - Flying fast will cost more fuel (eg. 2x speed halves fuelTime)
  • breakableWings - Flight will be disabled for a user if they take any damage
  • healTime - The time in seconds until wings heal (default is 15 seconds)
  • fallProtection - Protect players from fall damage due to fuel running out
  • disabledWorlds - A list of worlds that BlazeFly will be disabled in


  • blazefly.use - Allows the use of /fly & /bfly
  • blazefly.flyspeed - Allows the use of /flyspeed
  • - User gets VIP fuel rate
  • blazefly.flyoff - Allows the use of /flyoff
  • blazefly.nofuel - Allows the use of /fly without costing fuel
  • blazefly.superwings - Wings cannot break while breakableWings is enabled
  • blazefly.anyworld - Allows the use of /fly regardless of disabled worlds
  • blazefly.reload - Allows the use of /bfreload
  • blazefly.updates - Player will be messaged when new versions are available


If you've found a bug or have a feature request please submit a ticket with all of the relevant information.


If you found this plugin useful please consider supporting me on Patreon, this allows me to dedicate more of my time to working on projects like this one! If you have an issues, questions etc feel free to leave a comment but the fastest way to contact me is via my own Discord server so feel free to join.


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