BlazeFly v3.2


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    Jul 16, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10



  • Added better handling of creative/spectator modes (BlazeFly will be locked until returning to survival/adventure mode)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing fuel blocks to be taken multiple times per second
  • Fixed a bug that could cause wings to stay broken indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the last fuel block to last forever
  • Moved user message string configuration to strings.yml
  • Added fuel name config options for telling players what is used as fuel
  • Created players.yml to keep track of flyers across reloads and relogs which:
  • Fixed a bug where players could leave/join to fix broken wings
  • Fixed a bug where leaving during flight would result in fall damage when returning


  • Fixed update checker, will only notify if new file is a newer version than the currently installed version


  • Fixed a bug in the timing system that could cause rare but bad problems
  • Added update available message for admins (permission & config option added)


  • Added an update checker (config option added)
  • Added support for subitems (like charcoal) as fuel (config options added)
  • Added support for renamed (via anvil) blocks as fuel
  • Added /fuel command to check seconds of fuel remaining (requires blazefly.use)
  • Added config option for the message header
  • Added support for replaceable keywords in config strings
  • Added support for colour formatting in config strings
  • Added config option to adjust the percentage of fuel used while on the ground
  • Fixed a bug where throwing eggs in tight spaces could break your wings
  • Fixed a bug that could give a few seconds extra flight from flyspeed changes
  • Fixed an exploit where a fuel block in the off-hand slot lasted forever
  • Removed 10 second fuel warning (last block warning feels sufficient)
  • Fuel config options are no longer case sensitive
  • Flight will now be disabled on server reload to prevent unlimited flight
  • Damaged wings will be recovered after dying
  • Improvements in the timing system means counters are no longer affected by lag
  • Significantly improved and cleaner code base


  • Fixed a bug causing an error due to a Bukkit change
  • Fixed a bug which completely broke the fuel system
  • Fixed a bug resulting in errors & free flight once fuel is out
  • Improved fuel system to not waste remaining fuel when wings break, flyspeed is changed or flight is disabled
  • Flight will now be reenabled automatically after wings heal
  • Added configuration option to disable fall protection on no fuel
  • Replaced deprecated code


  • Changed: All permissions are now OP only by default
  • Added: /bfly command, alias for /fly


  • Bugfix: Wings will no longer break due to drowning
  • Bugfix: Wings will no longer break due to starvation
  • Patch: Can no longer bypass disabled worlds using portals
  • Addition: A different block can be set for VIP fuel in config
  • Addition: permission to fly in disabled worlds
  • Addition: permission to prevent wings breaking with breakableWings enabled


  • Removed update notification system
  • Changed configuration to use block name instead of ID
  • Added a PvP "broken wing" system and configuration options
  • Updated/Improved code


  • A few small bug fixes
  • Added option to disable update notifications


  • Fixed reload bug
  • Fixed command via console bug
  • Added update notification system
  • Added damage protection after flight is disabled
  • Added /flyoff command
  • Added /bfreload command for reloading config
  • Added VIP fuel cost system
  • Added option to disable BlazeFly in specific worlds
  • Added option to use empty strings to not give messages on events
  • Changed message formatting
  • Improved error handling
  • Improved config file formatting
  • Improved all of BlazeFly's code


  • Fixed a bug that was adding 1 second to fuelTime
  • Fixed the subdata exploit that could allow unlimited fuel
  • Added permissions blazefly.use & blazefly.flyspeed
  • Tidied/improved fuel checking code


  • Config now uses single quotes to allow the use of special characters
  • Fixed a few bugs in the blazefly.nofuel system
  • Built with Java 6 to fix compatibility issues with some users


  • Config options allowSpeed and speedFuel now use true/false instead of 1/0
  • Fixed a small code bug
  • Fixed the "anvil exploit" - renamed fuel could last forever


  • Added permissions support for blazefly.nofuel (flying won't cost fuel)
  • Fixed a bad bug in the fuel timer code (Thanks jeffro1001 for bring this to my attention)
  • Added strings to the config file so any messages given to users can be changed
  • Added /flyspeed to boost flight speed!


  • Support for configuration has been added, along with options to change the block that is used for fuel, and the amount of time each block will last.


  • Basic functions of the plugin are working