ArcticSpleef is an automatic spleef plugin for Bukkit. Spleef is a game which is about eliminating your enemies by destroying a layer of snow and making your enemies fall into the water layer beneath it. Be smart and predict your enemies movements!


  • Automatic battle ground regeneration after every round
  • Spawn points are represented by coloured wool blocks - so you can set them yourself
  • Play Team vs. Team or PvP
  • Statistics on gameplay

Command Usage

You can just enter /as or /arcticspleef to show these commands in-game.

  • /as create <name> - Define a new battle ground
  • /as remove <name> - Remove a battle ground
  • /as list - List all available battle grounds
  • /as open <name> - Open registration for a battle ground so that players can join the game
  • /as start <name> - Start the game on a battle ground manually (the game will automatically start as soon as all slots are taken)
  • /as set <name> <option> [<value>] - Set options for a battle ground (available options: respawn, max_points)
  • /as join <name> - Join a game
  • /as leave - Leave the game you are in
  • /as rank [<player>] - Show a player's statistics (defaults to yourself)
  • /as top - Show the top players

Permission Nodes

  • arcticspleef.cmd.create
  • arcticspleef.cmd.remove
  • arcticspleef.cmd.list
  • arcticspleef.cmd.start
  • arcticspleef.cmd.set
  • arcticspleef.cmd.join
  • arcticspleef.cmd.leave
  • arcticspleef.cmd.rank
  • arcticspleef.enterbattleground - Overrides battle ground entering protection

Found a bug? Create a ticket. This is my first plugin (so it's still experimental) - feel free to suggest new features and ticket bugs.


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