Simple Showcase


Simple Showcase permissions

Bellow you could find a list of all available permission nodes

Main permissions

Permission nodeDescription to buy items from a shop to sell items to a shop
simpleshowcase.booth.claimPermission to claim a booth

Command permissions

Permission nodeCommand shop create [name] [flags] shop select shop select <name> shop selectid <id> shop list [page] [flags] shop info shop setname <name> shop enable shop disable shop setowner <type> [name] shop setlocation shop setproduct <type> <value> shop linkpricelistitem <name> shop unlinkpricelistitem shop setshowitem [item] shop enableshowitem shop disableshowitem shop enablebuy shop disablebuy shop enablesell shop disablesell shop setbuyprice <price> shop setsellprice <price> shop setbuystack <quantity> shop disablebuystack shop setsellstack <quantity> shop disablesellstack shop setminimumbuyquantity <quantity> shop disableminimumbuyquantity shop setmaximumbuyquantity <quantity> shop disablemaximumbuyquantity shop setminimumsellquantity <quantity> shop disableminimumsellquantity shop setmaximumsellquantity <quantity> shop disablemaximumsellquantity shop enableinstantbuy shop disableinstantbuy shop setinstantbuyquantity <quantity> shop enableinstantsell shop disableinstantsell shop setinstantsellquantity <quantity>
simpleshowcase.command.booth.create/simpleshowcase booth create [name] booth select [name]
simpleshowcase.command.booth.selectid/simpleshowcase booth selectid <id>
simpleshowcase.command.booth.list/simpleshowcase booth list [page] [flags] booth info
simpleshowcase.command.booth.remove/simpleshowcase booth remove
simpleshowcase.command.booth.setname/simpleshowcase booth setname <name>
simpleshowcase.command.booth.enable/simpleshowcase booth enable
simpleshowcase.command.booth.disable/simpleshowcase booth disable
simpleshowcase.command.booth.setlocation/simpleshowcase booth setlocation
simpleshowcase.command.booth.setbuyprice/simpleshowcase booth setclaimprice save
simpleshowcase.command.reload/simpleshowcase reload
simpleshowcase.command.status/simpleshowcase status
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.create/shop create select [name]
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.selectid/shop select <id>
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.list/shop list [page] [flags] info
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.remove/shop remove
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.setname/shop setname <name>
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.enable/shop enable
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.disable/shop disable
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.setlocation/shop setlocation
simpleshowcase.command.playerowned.setprice/shop setprice <price>

Custom shop permissions

Server administrators does have the ability to add an aditional custom permission for each shop. These permission nodes could be added using commands. Players who want to buy an item from a shop with a custom permission, need to have that custom permission to be permitted to use the shop.

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Date created
Oct 28, 2012
Last updated
Oct 28, 2012