Simple Showcase

Simple Showcase API

On this page you could find everything about the Simple Showcase API.

The future of the API

Sadly, the API is not available yet. The API support should be available as soon as possible, it might be available in one of the next updates. Bellow you could see a list of features which will be added into the API, if you which any other feature to be added, please send me a message. The best way to send me a message is to just send me a Private message, you could also create a ticket or reply on the Overview page of the Simple Showcase project.

Features which will be added

  • Functions to fully control shops and booths
  • Functions to sell custom products in shops
  • Functions to edit configuration files of Simple Showcase
  • Functions to control the upcoming backup manager

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Date created
Oct 28, 2012
Last updated
Oct 28, 2012