54 - The Commands Do Not Work.

What version of ModReq are you running? 2.4.1

What is your config version? 2.4.1

Do you use MySQL? Yes and No....

What steps cause the error?
1. NA

Do you have an error log of the event. NA

We have several servers, all running modreq, however when installing it onto our New Unleashed Server, when ever a command is run, it just comes back telling us the command and the command description. We run the same version on all of our servers, which it works on 3 of them, but not on the fourth, all of the servers are also using the same config. I'd just like to know where we are going wrong, or what not, or if its a common issue with the unleashed server. Also Two of the servers are 1.4.7 and one of the other one which 1.5.2, and all of them are fine!  Thanks for your help in  advance.

Screenshots of the Command issues;

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Dec 10, 2013
Aug 27, 2013
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