ModReq - Staff request tickets made easy


ModReq is designed to make the life of staff members and players a lot easier. All a player has to do is submit a ticket and a staff member will get a notification. The staff member can then view the ticket details and help the player. More information can be found on the Commands page.

A ticket contains the following info:

  1. Name of the submitter
  2. Date and time of ticket
  3. Status of a ticket
  4. Location of request
  5. Message
  6. Staff member

Let me supply you with an example. Sgt_Tailor his house got griefed by someone and he wants his house back. All he needs to do is /modreq Help, someone griefed my house. A staff member will get a notification that looks like this:

-Insert screenshot here-

When the staff member does /check id 1 they will see the following:

-insert screenshot here-

As you can see there is quite some information stored in a ticket. The staff member does /tp-id 1 to teleport to the location of the ticket and fixes the grief. He also finds out who did it and comments that on the ticket (/comment 1 MeGustaLaSiesta griefed you house, he will be banned. Your house has been fixed). After that the staff member closes the ticket (/done 1 or /close 1) and both Sgt_Tailor and the staff member are happy. If the staff member would have been unable to resolve the issue he could have set the ticket to pending (/ticket setpending 1) so a higher ranked staff member could take a look.

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