BlazeFly adds the ability to fly at the cost of "fuel" blocks which are consumed as long as flight is enabled.


  • Fuel block can be set to any block via configuration
  • Fuel block duration can be set to any amount of seconds via configuration
  • Warning given on last block of fuel
  • Protected from fall damage when flight gets disabled
  • "VIP" permission for longer fuel time
  • "No fuel" permission for flight without fuel
  • Ability to change fly speed
  • Ability to disable flight in specific worlds
  • Ability to reload BlazeFly configuration ONLY
  • PvP "broken wing" system
  • Configurable user message strings (with formatting support, see this page for help)
  • Checks for updates automatically (can be disabled in config, see below)


  • /fly - Enables & disables flight
  • /bfly - An alias for /fly in the event another plugin is blocking it
  • /flyspeed - Used to modify the speed of flight. Options are 1, 2 or 4, these will multiply the speed, for example, 2 will be double speed
  • /fuel - Used to check the amount of fuel (in seconds) remaining from the last block taken
  • /flyoff - Disables the given users flight
  • /bfreload - Reloads BlazeFly's configuration without reloading any other plugins


  • updateChecker - Check and alert when a newer version is available (default is TRUE)
  • notifyAdmin - Message admins as they log in if a new version is available (default is TRUE)
  • fuelBlock - The name of the block to be used as fuel (default is "BLAZE_ROD")
  • fuelName: "Blaze Rod" - What users will be told is fuel
  • fuelSubdata - Allows setting subitems such as charcoal as the fuel block (default is 0)
  • fuelTime - The time in seconds each block of fuel will last
  • VIPBlock - The name of the block to be used as fuel for VIPs (default is "COAL")
  • VIPName - What VIP users will be told fuel is
  • VIPSubdata - Allows setting subitems such as charcoal as the fuel block (default is 0)
  • VIPTime - The time in seconds each block of fuel will last for VIPs
  • groundFuel - Amount of fuel to use while grounded (0.5 = half, 1 = full, etc, default is 0.25)
  • allowSpeed - Enables the use of /flyspeed to modify the flight speed
  • speedFuel - Flying fast will cost more fuel (eg. 2x speed halves fuelTime)
  • breakableWings - Flight will be disabled for a user if they take any damage
  • healTime - The time in seconds until wings heal (default is 15 seconds)
  • fallProtection - Protect players from fall damage due to fuel running out
  • disabledWorlds - A list of worlds that BlazeFly will be disabled in


  • blazefly.use - Allows the use of /fly & /bfly
  • blazefly.flyspeed - Allows the use of /flyspeed
  • - User gets VIP fuel rate
  • blazefly.flyoff - Allows the use of /flyoff
  • blazefly.nofuel - Allows the use of /fly without costing fuel
  • blazefly.superwings - Wings cannot break while breakableWings is enabled
  • blazefly.anyworld - Allows the use of /fly regardless of disabled worlds
  • blazefly.reload - Allows the use of /bfreload
  • blazefly.updates - Player will be messaged when new versions are available


If you've found a bug or have a feature request please submit a ticket with all of the relevant information.


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Date created
Jan 20, 2013
Last update
Jul 16, 2016
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GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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